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Vapor Barriers

Protect Your Crawl Space in San Antonio & Austin, TX With Vapor Barriers

Underneath a home or business, issues in a crawl space can lurk undetected for years. If the area is too moist, mold can start to form in the crawl space, posing a health hazard for residents and employees. Or, moisture can accelerate rot and erosion in wooden beams and floors, threatening the very foundation of the structure.

At Foundation Support Specialists, we frequently employ vapor barriers as a solution to excessively damp conditions in a crawl space. This method of encapsulation is an effective and long lasting way to keep moisture under your building under control.

10 Vapor Barrier Installation

Vapor Barrier Protection

Vapor barriers are essentially a lining system for a crawl space area. The liner is made from polyethylene reinforced with polyester cord and chemically treated to deter mold growth. The vapor barrier will surround a crawl space area, covering the floors, walls and ceilings. The barrier places a protective wall between the moisture coming from the ground and the foundation. 

Vapor barriers accomplish a number of things, including:

  • Lowering condensation buildup in the space.
  • Preventing mold and mildew from forming.
  • Deterring insects and pests from entering.
  • Preventing natural gases like radon from entering the building from the ground.
To learn more about our services, contact Foundation Support Specialists today! Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you.

The long term effectiveness of vapor barriers depends on both the precision of the technicians installing it and the quality of the product. The team at Foundation Support Specialists has years of experience in the San Antonio and Austin, TX area working with vapor barrier installations. Our knowledgeable team will install the liners with precision and expertise. In addition, our company uses only the highest quality vapor barrier products, ensuring the solution is a lasting one. 

Is a vapor barrier necessary?

A vapor barrier is not always necessary, but may be required by code in some states. Vapor barriers are highly recommended in climates where water vapor may permeate your home’s crawl space. They help prevent the build up of moisture, protecting your home from becoming damaged due to the excess moisture that can accumulate in your crawl space. If you are thinking about getting a vapor barrier installed in your home, you should have a contractor inspect your crawl space to evaluate if a vapor barrier is the best option for your home. To find out more about getting a vapor barrier installed, call us today

Where should a vapor barrier be placed?

A vapor barrier will typically be placed inside your crawl space, but the placement of the vapor barrier can vary depending on the climate you live in. It is usually recommended that you have the vapor barrier installed towards the outside of your home if you live in a warmer climate. On the other hand, if you live in a colder climate, it is suggested that you have the vapor barrier installed towards the inside of your home. To learn more about getting a vapor barrier installed in your home, contact us today.  

What are vapor barriers used for?

Vapor barriers are used to protect the following from moisture

  • Walls 
  • Floors 
  • Roofs 

Having a vapor barrier installed in your home can help reduce the risk of mold build up as well as protect your home’s foundation from potential moisture damage. To find out more about getting a vapor barrier installed, give us a call today

What happens if you don't use a vapor barrier?

If you do not have a vapor barrier installed in your home it, you may experience the following issues: 

  • Mold in your home’s crawl space.
  • Moisture damage to your home’s foundation. 
  • Your home may not be up to code requirements.

In some states, your home may be required to have a vapor barrier installed to be considered up to code. To learn more about getting a vapor barrier installed, contact us today.

 Why We Exceed Expectations

With a business model that was built upon quality long-lasting foundation services, our company truly shines when it comes to our service. We believe in forming partnerships with each customer so that our service doesn’t end when the work is complete. Our technicians will follow up with you after your vapor barriers are installed to make sure that they are still functioning the way they should and your crawl space is still protected. If you had vapor barriers installed by a different company, we can still help by performing an inspection to determine their effectiveness and any repairs to the barrier necessary. 

For your home or business’s crawl space encapsulation services, don’t wait to call on FSS! To learn more about our company or vapor barriers, contact us today at (210) 267-8828 or (512) 971-2011!