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As a homeowner in San Antonio, Texas, sooner or later you will get foundation problems, well it was my turn and I started to search for a responsible and quality company, after 4 companies came to my house, I selected Foundation Support Specialist, why, because the great personnel, great customer services, and the material used to repair my foundation problems. They were professional, hard workers as Robert and David, great people that are highly committed to their company that they represent. Excellent job quality. Me and my wife are 100% satisfied with Foundation support. I highly recommend this company.

I want to express my thanks to Richard Reed, as a manager project, this kind of person, hard worker, always was there for us, answering our question, supporting and helping their work to keep the project running on time, safe, and high-quality customer services, no matter what, he was there, also on Sundays, he has time to answer his phone, that its priceless on this business.

Foundation Support Specialists, great job, and thanks for your support.

Carlos L. San Antonio, TX November 18, 2017

We had a unique situation at our home. It is a pier and beam house that was built too close to the ground and was even in the ground at one corner. With essentially no crawlspace (18” down to maybe 2”), moisture over the years was damaging the subfloor and causing mold issues that were affecting my wife’s health. With no crawlspace, there was no way to go under the subfloor to inspect, repair or treat mold. We had several companies come out posing solutions that were either worthless, incomplete or at best only a temporary fix. Brian with FSS came out and devised a complete solution to actually go under the house and 1) excavate a 30” crawlspace in the rock, dirt, and caliche under the house, 2) treat the entire beam and subfloor area for mold, 3) remove and replace the damaged subfloor under one room, 4) install a new concrete skirting around the perimeter of the pier and beam structure and finally 5) encapsulate the entire subfloor area with a drain mat, 20 mil plastic liner, and three dehumidifier units to keep the relative humidity low enough that no more moisture would ever drop out in the subfloor area. FSS was very sensitive to my wife’s health issues and did some major juggling of crews to get to work right away. The entire job took 3 months to complete. Most of the job went just as planned and FSS demonstrated professional project execution skills. Everyone was always friendly and courteous. As you would imagine with such a complex and large scope, there were some issues that came up during the job. I am a retired engineer and was pretty picky about details of how the work was executed. All I can say is that the FSS managers, foremen, crews and subcontractors (Brian, Richard, Josh, David, and a multitude others) were always open and willing to adapt and make sure that the finished product was top quality. The work has just been completed and the independent inspector gave thumbs up to the final work product. The “cloud” enabled monitoring equipment provided by FSS talks to my smartphone and shows the system is maintaining the desired 50-60% relative humidity in the crawlspace (and even alarmed me when the power went down). My wife keeps remarking on how she can go all through the house and no longer smell any of the mold or dirt smells that had always been in the house. I now have a clean and dry mold free crawlspace where I can get anywhere to inspect. Looking back on where we were three months ago, all I can say is what FSS delivered was amazing. Good work guys.

Richard S. Medina Lake, TX December 3, 2017

Our home is a walkout designed home with basement walls on two sides, completed in 2009. The home leaked at multiple locations from day one with water collecting on the basement floors. The building contractor was responsive and over a number of years attempted to permanently seal the leaks. Unfortunately, the contractor was not successful and the actual cause of the leaks was never identified.

In late May of 2017, with no end to the issue in sight, we found ourselves beyond discouraged. Something different had to be done.

An internet search of foundation contractors in South Texas identified Foundation Support Specialists (FSS), based in San Antonio, Texas. The website described their company and services and, most importantly, offered a 25-year transferrable warranty covering their work. We called and the following day, one of the owners of FSS came to our home, listen to us describe the issue, inspected our foundation and on the spot outlined the solution with a hard cost.

Approximately one month later, as promised, work began. Two weeks into the process, the inherent problem was identified which necessitated a fair and reasonable change order.

The difficult, time-consuming work continued but with interruptions due to rain, one hurricane, etc. definitely extended the time period. Near the end of the project, FSS proposed an additional redundancy which we agreed to, requiring a second fair and reasonable change order. The redundancy necessitated ordering additional equipment which extended project completion by approximately one month.

The FSS crews are generally full time with the company as opposed to independent contractors. They are courteous, remarkably clean for construction workers and hard working. The FSS foreman communicated well was courteous, competent and ran a tight ship. In every case, FSS did their best to minimize the impact on surrounding landscaping, driveways etc.

Since completion, the foundation has not leaked and we have every reason to be satisfied with the work and FSS.

In summary, while it is never good to have foundation issues, we feel very fortunate to have found a competent, honest company like FSS, capable of fixing our problems.

David D. Corpus Christi, TX December 17, 2017

My relationship with FSS started on a high note. Initially, Brian took me through the process in a very clear way. Having spoken with other companies, I realized FSS would be of superior quality. Especially in terms of the products they install. They always showed up on time when they said they would. The job was also completed in the time frame which they set. Everyone that worked on the project was permanent employees of FSS. The work was done carefully and thoroughly. They kept us well informed through each step of the process and the cleanup was great!

Stephen C. San Antonio, TX January 31, 2018

I had a job completed by this company and was very satisfied. The workers are very polite and respectful. My experience with this business is a 5-star review. I will share my good experience with others. Thank you!

Doris K. Victoria, TX January 31, 2018