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A representative named Brian arrived at my home 15 min before our appointment and evaluated my foundation. Brian was very knowledgeable and I was expecting an over the top sales pitch but after he took all of his measurements ( about an hours worth) he advised me that while I did have some foundation movement It wasn't of the utmost importance to have work done at this time. Even though I didn't technically NEED any repair, Brian never the less devised a pier plan that would correct the current movement and prevent further movement. I was also expecting a huge price tag due to the research I had done on the type of piers they use but I found their prices to be entirely fair. Brian could have attempted to sell me something I didn't need ( yet) or talked circles around me with industry jargon but he left me comfortable with my current situation and a bit more knowledgeable on the subject of foundation work. I plan on using this company in the future.

Eric W. San Antonio, TX July 10, 2017

The professionalism of this company is outstanding.  From the very start to completion they provided excellent customer service.  Brian Holt was always available to answer questions even after the job was done.  Thank you for our new foundation for our home.  We are at peace that this will provide the support for our home for many years.  We highly recommend this company. We will also call again for our investment properties to be repaired.

Andre & Grace D. Spring Branch, TX September 11, 2017

I would like to commend the Foundation Support System folks. I had to have the foundation on my house raised and they were competent, courteous and very patient with me. I asked a lot of questions and they answered all of them. I could ask any of the crew and they told me what they were doing. They repaired some work that a previous company had done incorrectly. The project managers Josh and David, were very helpful with everything and Richard was very helpful with all the paperwork.

Karen M. Schertz, TX September 30, 2017

Foundation Support Specialists did an excellent job on our pier and beam foundation repair. Utilizing the 300, 250, and Crawlspace jacks I am confident that my foundation will remain stable for as long as we are at the house. The warranty they provide is lifetime and is transferable. Not only was the house stabilized but one corner of the house was raised as much as 3 1/2 inches to bring the house back to level. I am extremely happy with the results of my foundation repair. Brian Holt’s experience with assessing problem areas of foundations needing repairs and providing estimates and procedures to make corrections is unmatched. Richard is excellent to work with and was very good about keeping us informed and in the loop about construction and scheduling. Josh was also there to answer questions and explain procedures on a daily basis. This communication to us as homeowners was much appreciated. Dave and his crew were courteous, polite, and hard working. They cleaned up the work site at the end of each workday. Foundation Support Specialists were able to rise to the challenge and complete the project and exceeded my expectations. FSS is run by people of character who will show up even after the bill has been paid to ensure that the customer is well taken care of. They don’t quit until the customer is happy. I highly recommend FSS if you are having foundation issues.

Vickie W. San Antonio, TX October 2, 2017

First of all, I am not an easily pleased consumer. The experience was great from the office to the workers. I needed my masonry chimney stabilized. They proposed two steel piers, showed how they push them hydraulically to bedrock and lock them off. Guaranteed and no need to come back because it is fixed the first time. They arrived on time, Josh the foreman explained exactly what they would do and how long it would take. He was right on the money on the time. I came back and they were raking out the yard where they had worked and it looked like it had never happened. Even the guys digging were appreciative of my business. Could not be happier, would use them again, would recommend them to anyone in need of their service. GREAT JOB.

Scott T. San Antonio, TX October 31, 2017