Foundation Problems

As a homeowner in San Antonio, Texas, sooner or later you will get foundation problems, well it was my turn and I started to search for a responsible and quality company, after 4 companies came to my house, I selected Foundation Support Specialist, why, because the great personnel, great customer services, and the material used to repair my foundation problems. They were professional, hard workers as Robert and David, great people that are highly committed to their company that they represent. Excellent job quality. Me and my wife are 100% satisfied with Foundation support. I highly recommend this company.

I want to express my thanks to Richard Reed, as a manager project, this kind of person, hard worker, always was there for us, answering our question, supporting and helping their work to keep the project running on time, safe, and high-quality customer services, no matter what, he was there, also on Sundays, he has time to answer his phone, that its priceless on this business.

Foundation Support Specialists, great job, and thanks for your support.


Carlos L. San Antonio, TX November 18, 2017


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