Basement Walls Waterproofing by Foundation Support Specialists (FSS)

Our home is a walkout designed home with basement walls on two sides, completed in 2009. The home leaked at multiple locations from day one with water collecting on the basement floors. The building contractor was responsive and over a number of years attempted to permanently seal the leaks. Unfortunately, the contractor was not successful and the actual cause of the leaks was never identified.

In late May of 2017, with no end to the issue in sight, we found ourselves beyond discouraged. Something different had to be done.

An internet search of foundation contractors in South Texas identified Foundation Support Specialists (FSS), based in San Antonio, Texas. The website described their company and services and, most importantly, offered a 25-year transferrable warranty covering their work. We called and the following day, one of the owners of FSS came to our home, listen to us describe the issue, inspected our foundation and on the spot outlined the solution with a hard cost.

Approximately one month later, as promised, work began. Two weeks into the process, the inherent problem was identified which necessitated a fair and reasonable change order.

The difficult, time-consuming work continued but with interruptions due to rain, one hurricane, etc. definitely extended the time period. Near the end of the project, FSS proposed an additional redundancy which we agreed to, requiring a second fair and reasonable change order. The redundancy necessitated ordering additional equipment which extended project completion by approximately one month.

The FSS crews are generally full time with the company as opposed to independent contractors. They are courteous, remarkably clean for construction workers and hard working. The FSS foreman communicated well was courteous, competent and ran a tight ship. In every case, FSS did their best to minimize the impact on surrounding landscaping, driveways etc.

Since completion, the foundation has not leaked and we have every reason to be satisfied with the work and FSS.

In summary, while it is never good to have foundation issues, we feel very fortunate to have found a competent, honest company like FSS, capable of fixing our problems.


David D. Corpus Christi, TX December 17, 2017


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