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Common Concrete Problems in San Antonio

In San Antonio, Texas, concrete problems can be very common due to the lack of precipitation, dry winds, and high temperatures. According to city-data.com, San Antonio barely receives 30 inches of rain in a year. This means that per month, San Antonio only receives about 2.5 inches of rain on average. It’s no wonder that residents and business owners are in need of concrete repair services so often. While it is clear that concrete issues are very relevant in this area of Texas, learning more about the possible problems and how to spot them are very important. Not being able to detect these issues will only lead to the problem getting worse over time, leading to more spent time and money. Continue reading to learn about three common concrete problems home and business owners are dealing with.

Cracking Concrete

Concrete Problems - Cracked Concrete
Cracks in the concrete are the most common issue when it comes to concrete problems in San Antonio. They are unsightly and can devalue the home or business property. Cracks can range from very small, minor cracks to large, dangerous issues that could affect the entire foundation of the home or business. While a big reason for cracks in San Antonio is the dry, hot climate, they come about for a number of reasons such as:
– Plastic shrinkage
– Settlement
– Drying shrinkage
– Chemical
– Corrosion
– Overload
Being able to spot a crack in your pavement before it creates more of a problem is extremely important to protect the rest of your concrete and your foundation. Also, make sure when hiring a pavement company, you are hiring a well-known, professional company who is knowledgeable in their field to ensure that they are laying the pavement correctly.

Dusting Concrete

Dusting is a common problem that occurs to many concrete driveways in the San Antonio area. Dusting is when powder builds up on the concrete slab, which can be caused by a number of reasons such as:
– Dirty aggregates
– Humidity
– Spreading dry cement
– High traffic
– Low cement content
– Carbonation of surface
– And more.
When this dust is built up, it means that the concrete surface is weakening. Dusting can also be very dangerous to your health as it releases substances in the air that we breathe in daily. It can irritate the respiratory system, nose, throat, lungs, and others. Eventually, it could lead to sneezing, troubles breathing, or coughing. This is why if you notice any signs of dusting on your cement, don’t hesitate to call a concrete repair professional to come and take a look at it.

Spalling Concrete


Spalling Concrete

You may spot a spalling problem if you notice flaking or rough services along your concrete slab. A cause of this is due to moisture getting into the concrete, and while this may seem like it would not occur in San Antonio due to the dry climate, it is a very common problem. The cause is not just moisture from the weather but moisture from many other things such as sprinkler systems, leaking hoses, etc. These water systems can build up moisture into the concrete over the years, eventually causing it to spall. Spalling can have a wide range of consequences from affecting the integrity of your property, to safety issues as well.


While cracking, dusting and spalling concrete are only a few concrete problems that can occur on your San Antonio property, they are ones that should not be taken lightly. Making sure that you are able to spot and know what the problem is you are dealing with is a crucial step to fixing the issue. After reading this, if you notice any of these problems happening on your concrete make sure you call a professional concrete repair service that is knowledgeable in their field and will get the job done right.


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