Stable Structures = Peace of Mind

Residential and Commercial Foundation Repair

Your home and business are one of the few constants in life. You can always count on them to be there, but they are only as strong as their foundations. A weak or unstable foundation can cause problems throughout the whole structure, and, in a worst-case scenario, cause your home or business to collapse.

Signs of Trouble

foundation repair, commercial, residentialFortunately, if you keep an eye on your property, you’ll be able to catch small foundation problems before they can become large problems. Take a look around your home or business and look for floor or wall cracks, sticking doors or windows, or gaps around trim or door frames.

If you come across any of these indications of foundation damage, contact a foundation repair company, like Foundation Support Specialists. Most will inspect your property for free and provide you with a comprehensive report and estimate. They will be able to repair the damage, reverse whatever is causing the problem, and make your building stronger than it was before.

Some more serious problems that may occur to your home or business include sloping or uneven floors, chimney cracks or the chimney begins to lean or pull away, bowed or leaning walls, crumbling masonry, or visible shifting of foundation walls. Waste no time getting a professional in to inspect the structure and begin repairs. The safety of your family, employees, and others is at risk. If these problems are ignored, your entire building could be damaged or destroyed.

Causes of Foundation Damage

There are several reasons why foundations become damaged or weakened. In some instances, there are multiple causes, that is why it is important that you have a professional look at it. Foundation problems are not something you want to try and tackle yourself with some products from a DIY store.

Most times, the cause of a damaged foundation is that it is settling unevenly. This can be due to the soil not being properly prepared during construction, or a fluctuation of water content in the soil due to flooding and/or drought. Large trees and other landscaping options can impact the soil surrounding your home or business.

If water is not drained properly from around the building, it can pool along the foundation walls. The pressure of the oversaturated soil can push the walls out of place, causing them to bow, crack, or lean. All of these problems have different causes and different solutions.

You Have A Problem? We’ll Solve It

The experts at Foundation Support Specialists know how to reverse the damage caused by unstable soil and return stability to your home or business. We’ll inspect your property for free and determine the best method of repair for the situation.

Earth Contact Products are American made and are the best in the industry. Their galvanized steel piers will support your home on sturdy bedrock, avoiding the shifting or weak soil the foundation currently rests on. This secure system will prevent your foundation from experiencing any more damage.

Other products and processes we use include helical piers, eccentric piers, crawl space jacks, and more. Contact us today to learn more about making your home or business safe, stable, and reliable with foundation repair from Foundation Support Specialists.