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Wall Anchor Foundation Repair

Wall anchors are the most effective and affordable solution for cracked, bowed, and leaning foundation walls.

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Wall anchors are the most effective solution for straightening bowed and broken foundation walls. The Foundation Support Specialists team has decades of experience installing wall anchors, so you can count on us to get the job done. If your foundation walls are bowed and cracked, contact FSS for a free inspection.

How Wall Anchors Work

  • For wall anchors to work, you need to hire an expert technician to determine the proper placement for the interior and exterior earth anchors. Once our experts have the spots marked for the interior plates, they drill through the block or poured concrete. After that, they auger the ground no less than ten feet away from the foundation and remove the excess dirt.
  • After our professional technicians drill the holes through the foundation and auger out the holes for the earth anchors, they install the anchor rod. The anchor rod is a long piece of threaded steel that they drive through the foundation hole, through the earth, and into the exterior hole where the earth anchor will go.
  • Once the anchor rod is in the desired position, they attach the exterior earth anchor and tighten the anchor nut until it is securely fastened. The final step is to connect the interior anchor plate. Once everything is together, they will tighten the anchor plate to prevent the foundation wall from moving any further. Over time it may even return to its original upright position.

Why Our Product is Better than the Competitors

  • Wall anchors are the least invasive and cleanest way to reinforce your foundation walls. Installation requires minimal excavation and can typically be done in less than a day.
  • The security that comes with an FSS wall anchor installation offers peace of mind. You can now be confident in the structural integrity of your home. 
  • Wall anchor installation from the experts at FSS is the most affordable way to repair your foundation and keep it from failing in the future. An entire wall replacement is far more expensive, takes longer, and leaves you with a mess to clean up.

Signs Your Home Needs Wall Anchors

If you are thinking about having an expert install wall anchors, there is a good chance you have noticed a problem sign. The following are some of the most common indicators of foundation damage.

Bowed, Leaning, or Cracked Walls

Foundation walls are under immense pressure. When water accumulates in the soil surrounding your home, it exerts an increasing amount of pressure on the foundation walls. If you don’t fix the problem, the pressure will eventually cause the walls to bow, crack, or lean inwards.

Sagging Floors

If the walls of your foundation move, the rest of your home moves along with them. Unfortunately, houses were not made to move, so this can create structural problems. One of the first signs that appear in the home is sagging floors. If your floors are unlevel, your foundation has shifted and needs to be secured by an expert to prevent further problems.

Windows & Doors Sticking

Sticking windows and doors is another problem sign indicating foundation wall movement. This may seem like a minor annoyance, but if ignored, it could lead to significant structural damage. If you act soon enough, one of our expert technicians can install wall anchors to prevent further movement and bring the walls back to their original position.


In order to prevent extra damage to the anchor or the foundation itself, wall anchors should only be tightened by a professional foundation repair technician. That said, we can increasingly tighten wall anchors every few weeks until the cracks close and the bowed wall returns to a flat upright position.

Installing wall anchors is a specialized task that deals with critical structural elements. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could end up causing more damage than you fix. As such, you should never try to repair your own foundation. When you hire expert technicians from FSS, you can count on a solid installation and a lasting reinforced structure for as long as you live in your home.

Wall anchors are one of the most affordable ways to repair a bowed, cracked, or leaning foundation wall. They are much less expensive than a complete wall rebuild, and they prevent costly damage from occurring to other parts of your home.

Choose Foundation Support Specialists for Wall Anchors

Wall anchors are the most effective and affordable solution for cracked, bowed, and leaning foundation walls. They prevent the need for a wall rebuild and can usually be installed in a single day. You can count on our professional team to provide the fast, effective, and affordable wall anchor solutions you need to protect your investment and ensure a safe property for all who enter. We offer wall anchors for properties in San Antonio, Austin, and the surrounding Central and South Texas area.

Foundation Support Specialists is the number one choice for expert foundation wall anchor solutions. Contact us today to schedule an initial inspection and get an estimate on your wall anchor repair.

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