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Slab Piers

Slab piers work like any other pier system but are specially designed for concrete slab foundations. Here is everything you need to know about this useful foundation solution.

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One of the most common foundation types in Southeastern Texas is the concrete slab. Slab foundations are incredibly strong and are preferred in environments where below-ground foundations are difficult to build. Unfortunately, the soil content around Austin and San Antonio cause damage to unprotected concrete slab foundations. FSS has a solution designed to protect concrete slabs from soil damage. Read on to learn everything you need to know about slab piers. 

How Do Slab Piers Work?

  1. Expose the Soil: The first step in installing a slab pier is exposing the soil below your concrete slab foundation. This is done by boring a hole into the damaged section of the foundation. Once completely drilled, this is where the pier will be installed and where it will stay supporting your foundation. 
  1. Place the Bracket: After the hole is drilled, our team places a specially designed bracket into it, which will hold the slab pier in place. This bracket will also provide additional strength for your slab foundation. Our pier bracket is designed to fit perfectly into the drilled hole, so it won’t be noticeable once the entire pier installation process is complete.
  1. Lower the Pier: Once the bracket is placed, the slab pier can be lowered into the soil. Piers make use of load-bearing strata, deep soils that are packed together extremely tightly. Unlike surface soil, load-bearing strata is unaffected by weather conditions or the weight of your foundation. This deep soil provides unwavering support for your foundation and allows the piers to properly redistribute the weight of your home. After installation, our team closes the holes in your concrete slab, and the piers become undetectable to the naked eye.

What Sets Our Slab Piers Apart?

  • It is made with galvanized steel for extra strength and protection against harmful processes like rust and corrosion.
  • Become virtually unnoticeable after installation thanks to being located underneath your concrete slab foundation.
  • Can easily lift your sunken foundation back into its original position thanks to a proven safety factor of 2x.

Signs Your Home Needs Slab Piers

Sinking Settlement

Sinking and settlement are one of the first signs of foundation damage. If any part of your concrete slab foundation is sinking below the soil in your yard, slab piers will benefit your home. Without our pier systems, sinking and settlement can lead to all kinds of other problem signs around your home that lower value and put you and your loved ones at risk. Prevent these issues from arising in the first place with slab pier installation.

Floor and Wall Gaps

When your foundation settles and becomes damaged, the structures in your home experience damage as well. This translates into floor and wall gaps throughout your house. Voids open between the floors and the floorboards, which provide easy access to pests, humidity, and other unwanted elements into your home. Slab piers push your foundation back into its original position and close these gaps as a result. Avoid these unsightly gaps with help from FSS.

14 Concrete Crack Repair

Floor Crack

Despite offering tons of support for your home, concrete is non-flexible. When the soil below your home shifts in any way, it leads to floor cracks. Just like other foundation problem signs, floor cracks are rarely an isolated issue and will lead to other problem signs in your home such as wall cracks or uneven floors. If you notice a crack in your floor, even if it’s small, your concrete slab is likely damaged. Slab piers can close these floor gaps and easily restore your concrete slab.


Unfortunately, full concrete slab replacement isn’t so easy. Many of your homes systems are located below the concrete slab. This includes plumbing and electric lines. If you try to have your entire foundation replaced, these systems will either need to be interrupted, or fully replaced as well. Moreover, since your home’s floor rests directly on your concrete slab foundation, replacing the foundation will require that your entire floor be removed. As you can see, the process isn’t particularly easy. Instead, slab pier installation is minimally invasive to your home and still solves the problem.

No. Slab pier installation requires special tools and training to be successful. You can’t find these materials at your local hardware store, and even if you could, you would need a whole team to help install every section of the slab pier. Leave this installation process to the professionals at FSS. Our team has been working with homeowners since 2017, and we’re a trusted source for any foundation repair issue you might be facing.

Absolutely. Having a damaged foundation makes it much harder to sell your home. Slab piers raise the value of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers because they know their investment is protected. Even better, slab piers are invisible thanks to their location underneath the concrete slab. This is only an advantage, because they won’t become an eyesore to any potential buyers that tour your home.

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Don’t let your concrete slab foundation become damaged by the soils in San Antonio and Austin. Our slab piers can keep your home protected for years to come. FSS promises a commitment to combining exceptional customer service with the highest quality workmanship. This helps us make foundation repair into a positive experience for all of our clients. With accolades from Home Advisor and the Better Business Bureau, our commitment to honest business practices has been proven. Contact us to learn more about our foundation solutions. Our slab piers are proudly manufactured in the USA by Independence Materials Group, and expertly handled by a team of technicians with over 20 years of experience. Book an appointment today and schedule a free inspection so you can start protecting your home!

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