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Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

Many homes in Texas rely on pier and beam foundations for support. Thanks to their design, these foundations often fair better in shifting soils – but when they get damaged, FSS is here to help!

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Austin, San Antonio, and Houston share many of the same soil types, usually clay soils or sandy loam in certain areas. Both soil types can cause problems for slab foundations, so many Texan homes rely on pier and beam foundations as a workaround. Unfortunately, even these foundations become damaged sometimes. If your pier and beam foundation is experiencing problem signs, our expert team at FSS is here to help!

How Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Works

Pier and beam foundations can be fixed in a number of ways, it all depends on the specific damage your foundation is experiencing. Here are the solutions our team uses to fix damaged piers and beams.

  • Support Jacks: FSS also makes use of crawl space support jacks to provide support for your pier and beam foundation. Our team crawls underneath your home and measures its distance from the ground. Next, we install a base for each support jack that will hold the solution in place. After that, we install the support jacks, adjusting them to properly fit the space below your home. Once installed, the support jacks provide permanent support for your foundation, so it never shifts again.
  • Sonotubes: Sonotubes are hollow concrete forms, almost like columns, that are installed around the foundation. First, our team removes the damaged pier and beam footing, and provides temporary support for your foundation. Next, we dig a hole large enough to fit the sonotube in which concrete will be poured. After this, we pour the concrete and reattach the foundation footing. Once the concrete has dried, your home is left with newfound support thanks to the sturdy concrete columns around the piers.
  • Shoring: Shoring is the process of attaching new, stronger beams, joists, and piers to damaged ones. If your pier and beam foundation is experiencing damage, shoring provides additional support that keeps your home standing. The process is simple and minimally invasive to your home as well!

Why Our Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Stands Out

  • Sonotubes can support about 3,000 pounds per square feet, more than just a simple pier and beam foundation on its own
  • Shoring can be done quickly and does not disturb the interior of your home, or the rest of your yard
  • Support jacks can be adjusted over time to better adapt to any changing conditions in your home

Signs Your Home Needs Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

wood rot on beam in crawl space

Wood Rot

Wood rot is caused when high moisture levels penetrate wooden structures below your home. Often, this is caused by rising humidity, flooding, or leaks in your home. Homes with a pier and beam foundation tend to have plumbing lines directly under the home and exposed to the outside. If these pipes burst, water spews all over the wooden beams and may break down over time. Pier and beam foundation repair prevents this problem from getting worse.


As mentioned, humidity can cause wood rot to form on your pier and beam foundation. Even worse, pier and beams are exposed to the outside environment, so they will always be exposed to weather and climate conditions. Austin, San Antonio, and Houston tend to have moderately humid environments throughout the year, so be sure to look out for high humidity causing problems for your home. Our pier and beam foundation solutions are sure to defend against high humidity.

Floor and Wall Gaps

Nearly the entire structure of your home relies on its pier and beam foundation for support, and that includes your floors and walls. When your pier and beam foundation becomes damaged, it can cause floors and walls throughout your home to shift. Usually, this causes a gap to form between these important structures, which can look unnerving and end up causing even more problem signs to arise. FSS can provide a fix for your damaged pier and beam foundation to prevent this issue in the first place.


A pier and beam foundation repair costs starts around $4,500 and can increase in cost based on the issue. Some factors that can affect the cost of the repair include how many piers need to be fixed, the materials needed to perform repairs, and the size of your foundation and home.

A pier and beam foundation usually lasts about 75 years. However, the lifespan of a pier and beam foundation can vary due to the soil around your home, how well your foundation was built, and the materials used to build your foundation. If your pier and beam foundation was not installed well, it may have a shorter lifespan.

It all depends on your preference. Pier and beam foundations provide certain benefits such as easier access to plumbing and other important systems, more defense against shifting soil, and making your home much easier to transport (if you ever choose to move your entire home).

Contact the Experts at FSS for a Free Inspection

Not only do our technicians have years of experience working with pier and beam foundation repairs in the San Antonio area, but they are also highly trained and qualified to perform efficient work on your business or home’s foundation. 

If you suspect any issues with your pier & beam foundation repair, connect with us and we will be there to check things out immediately. Learn more about our pier and beam foundation repairs in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston and schedule a free inspection with one of our knowledgeable team members by contacting us today!

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