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Foundation Settlement

While some settlement is normal over time, Texas has specific issues when it comes to soil and climate. Before laying a foundation, builders compact the soil beneath the house to ensure it doesn’t shift or move as it compresses.  

However, in areas with hot dry seasons followed by heavy rain, even this compacted soil can swell and shrink, causing your foundation to rise and fall. Foundation settlement can wreak havoc in your home, causing issues from cracks in your walls to doors that won’t close as they should. If you have witnessed any of these signs in your home, it’s time to address the problem before it escalates. 

Foundation Support Specialists have been a beacon of trust and quality in Texas since 2009, providing. Our adept team of experts is here to guide you, offering knowledge and services that aim to maintain the strength and safety of your home. 

What Is Foundation Settlement? 

Foundation settlement is just what it sounds like — it’s the process of your home’s foundation unevenly descending into the underlying soil, which fails to bear the structure’s weight adequately. This can happen gradually over years or swiftly post-incidents like torrential rains or prolonged droughts, characteristic of Texas weather. The repercussions include aesthetic damage like wall cracks and functional issues such as sticking doors and uneven floors. 

At Foundation Support Specialists, we bring to table an array of long-lasting foundation repair solutions utilizing push piers, helical piers, and slab piers to arrest and prevent further settlement, giving your home the stable base it needs. 

What Causes Foundation Settlement? 

There can be many causes behind foundation settlement, including: 

Expansive Soils: Predominantly during drought periods, soils, particularly clay, retract and dry out, leading to foundation sinking. 

Poor soil compaction: Improper soil preparation before constructing the foundation can be a precursor to settlement issues. 

Clogged Gutters: Erosion exacerbated by inadequate drainage systems and blocked gutters can wash away the supporting soil, undermining the foundation.  

Can You Fix Foundation Settlement? 

Absolutely, correcting foundation settlement is within reach with the right expertise and solutions. Foundation Support Specialists employ strategies to elevate the affected parts of the foundation and ensure stability by transferring the weight onto sturdier soil layers or bedrock. 

Opt for our expert services to avoid the hassles and exorbitant costs of foundation replacement, and instead, embrace efficient, less invasive solutions that guarantee safety and stability for your home. 

How to Fix Foundation Settlement: 

Foundation Support Specialists champion the cause of stable homes using modern technologies like: 

  • Push piers: These piers are installed below the house, implemented to reach stable soils deep underground, ensuring a secure and solid foundation. 
  • Helical piers: These are screwed into the ground to reach stable soils and offer a solid base for the foundation. 
  • Slab piers: These piers are ideal for reinforcing and possibly elevating settled concrete slab floors. 

By choosing our pier solutions, you opt for a permanent stabilization solution that can restore your home to its original glory, protecting it from future settlement issues. 

Why Address Foundation Settlement Now? 

Foundation settlement is not just a cosmetic issue; it’s a progressively deteriorating problem that could potentially lead to severe structural damage if not addressed promptly. Taking immediate action is not just about preserving your home’s visual appeal but ensuring its longevity and safety.  

Preserve Structural Integrity 

Foundation settlement is a creeping issue; it progressively exacerbates over time, gradually undermining the integrity of your home. By taking timely action, you halt this deterioration in its tracks, ensuring that your home remains sound for years to come. It’s about fostering a home that stands strong, immune to the slow degradation that settlement often brings. 

Ensure Safety  

A settled foundation doesn’t just mean uneven floors and sticking doors; it could translate to real hazards, including falling hazards and potential electrical fires due to strained wiring. Addressing foundation settlement promptly ensures that your home remains a safe space, free from the dangers that a shifting foundation can introduce. 

Safeguard Property Value 

In the real estate market, the foundation’s health is a significant determinant of your property’s value. Potential buyers are likely to be dissuaded by signs of foundation issues, translating to lower offers. Proactively addressing foundation settlement not only maintains but can enhance your property’s market value, ensuring a good return on investment when you decide to sell. 

Contact Foundation Support Specialists for Foundation Settlement Solutions 

Don’t let the problem of foundation settlement linger. Foundation Support Specialists are ready with solutions, adept technicians, and a promise of quality service. We invite you to reach out for a complimentary inspection and a no-obligation estimate, beginning your journey towards a home that’s safe, secure, and sound. 


The timeframe for foundation settlement can vary considerably depending on a range of factors including the soil conditions, the climate of the region, the quality of the construction, and the load imposed on the foundation. In some cases, settlement issues may begin to appear within the first few years after construction, especially if the home is built on expansive clay or improperly compacted fill soils. In other cases, it may take several decades for a home to show serious signs of settlement. Similarly, homes can settle in a short period when exposed to the right combination of conditions, such as hot and dry weather, or especially rainy weather.  

Costs can fluctuate based on the gravity of the damage and the techniques employed for repair. Foundation Support Specialists offers transparent, obligation-free quotes to help you plan your finances.  

Soil dynamics influenced by droughts, floods, improper soil compaction at construction, and erosion are common culprits. Contact Foundation Support Specialists for a detailed assessment and guided solutions to foundation settlement problems in Texas homes. 


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