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Drywall Nail Pops

One of the many problem signs that occur due to foundation damage are drywall nail pops. This problem sign can help you catch foundation damage before it gets worse.

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Ever been walking through your home only to notice a small hole or cracked bit of paint that wasn’t there before? Walls are built with studs and beams, which are held together with nails. Unfortunately, foundation damage causes these structures to shift. As stress build behind your wall, nails might pop out of place, damaging the drywall in front of them. This is a sign that foundation damage is only going to get worse, and FSS has the solution. 

Can I Ignore Nail Pops?

As a homeowner in San Antonio or Austin with nail pops, you may be wondering, are they a problem? While nail pops may look like a cosmetic concern, they can tell us a great deal about the structural integrity of your home. Nail pops are often a result of the shifting and settling of your foundation.   

Since foundation problems only get worse over time, ignoring or fixing only the nail pop itself can be problematic.  

Your local handyman may think nail pops are an easy fix, so beware of proposed ‘solutions’ that only address the nail itself and don’t tackle the underlying foundation problem.  

Hiring an expert to provide a structural examination of your home should be your first step. The professionals at FSS provide a free no-obligation inspection of both the interior and exterior foundation.   

After the inspection, your inspector will suggest the best solution for your home. For nail pops that are a result of foundation sinking, our patented piering system to stabilize and even raise your home may be the best choice. Schedule your free inspection today.   

What Causes Drywall Nail Pops?

As mentioned, foundation damage is the main cause of drywall nail pops, but what cause foundation damage in the first place? It all has to do with the soil around your home, and Texas soil can often cause problems for your foundation.

Soil Washout

While rain isn’t a common occurrence in Austin and San Antonio, when it does come, it can cause a few problems for the soil in your yard. Clay soils and sandy loam soils are common in areas around both cities, and each soil type is affected by water in different ways. 

Clay soil expands as it absorbs water. Too much absorption could lead to an increase of volume which pushes up against your foundation and may offset it. Eventually, as the water drains, the soil then shrinks in volume and may crack – becoming too weak to hold up your foundation. Moreover, sandy loam soils are easily washed away be rainfall. If too much water erodes sandy loam soil in your yard, your foundation will sink into the weakened ground.

Drought and Dry Soil

On the opposite end of the spectrum is dry soil, usually brought on by drought or hot and dry conditions in Texas. No matter the soil type, dry conditions cause the ground to shrink in size and become brittle to the touch. When the soil becomes structurally weak like this, your heavy foundation and home will crush through the ground and experience settlement and sinking. This leads to various problem signs in your home, including drywall nail pops.

Poor Compaction

When a new home is constructed, the foundation must be built first. This requires a team of construction workers to excavate the land on which the home will be built. Once construction is completed, the contractors refill any gaps around your foundation with the previously excavated soil. In nature, soil naturally compacts over time due to different process like pressure or heat. When a team of workers tries to compact soil on their own, it’s never as strong as the real thing, and your home will eventually sink into the poorly compacted soil.


Yes, a trusted handyman or drywall contractor can replace popped nails and close up any drywall holes. However, you’ll want to invest in foundation repair as well in order to permanently prevent nail pops from arising in the future. One of our specialists can inspect your home and identify the root cause of your foundation damage in order to fix it for good. In summary, Drywall pops can be fixed immediately by a handyman, and permanently by a foundation repair company.

The easiest way to tell if a nail pop has occurred is by looking for small open holes in your drywall. Sometimes, a popped nail may not get all the way through the drywall. In this case, you will find a small, raised bump on your drywall, and you might also notice cracked paint around the area where the popped nail is located. Any small imperfection in your wall is worth a closer look to confirm whether or not it is a popped nail.

While nail pops may look like a small issue, they indicate a much larger problem – foundation damage. Ignoring nail pops is like ignoring a small crack in a drinking glass. Over time, and with continuous use, the crack will slowly grow larger. You may not notice it right away, but eventually the entire glass will shatter. Your foundation acts in much the same way. Ignoring any sign of foundation damage just delays the inevitable. 

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Clients in Austin and San Antonio have trusted our team with foundation repair since 2017. We prioritize making your foundation repair process as pleasant and stress-free as possible. If you’ve noticed drywall nail pops in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us. When you call, you can schedule a free inspection with one of our technicians. We’ll come up with a plan that suits your home’s needs!

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