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Cracked Bricks

Cracked bricks on your home’s exterior can be unsightly, however, they are also an important warning sign to check on the health of your foundation. While in some cases these cracks are nothing to worry about, most of the time they can indicate pressing foundation damage that should be addressed immediately.  

At Foundation Support Specialists, we understand the concerns that come with discovering cracks in your home’s brickwork. Serving homeowners across Texas, we are committed to providing tailored, efficient, and high-quality foundation repair solutions. 

Trust Foundation Support Specialists to address your cracked brick problems. 

What are Cracked Bricks? 

Cracked bricks often appear in a stair-step pattern, following the mortar lines between bricks. These cracks vary in width, generally becoming more pressing the larger they get as they can lead to a host of other issues. The appearance of these cracks should not be taken lightly, however gradually you notice them, as they often suggest foundation issues. 

Why Do Bricks Crack? 

Bricks crack due to stress factors that impact your home’s foundation. As the foundation shifts or settles, the exterior brick walls experience stress, leading to cracks. 

Common causes of cracked bricks include: 

  • Foundation Settlement: When the soil beneath your foundation sinks or settles, it can disrupt the structure’s levelness, causing stress and cracks in brick walls. 
  • Tree Roots: Invasive roots can dislodge bricks and mortar as they expand and infiltrate the soil beneath your home. 
  • Soil Changes: Expansive clay or other soil types can shift and settle with moisture level changes, putting stress on both your foundation and your brick walls. 

Can Cracked Bricks Be Fixed? 

Yes, cracked bricks can be repaired, and Foundation Support Specialists have the expertise to do it right. Fixing the issue involves more than just re-mortaring; the underlying cause must be addressed. 

While you may find DIY solutions like mortar repair kits or crack fillers, these are temporary fixes. The root issue often lies in foundation problems that must be properly resolved. The sooner you address the foundation problem, the easier it will be to address the cracks.  

How We Repair Cracked Bricks 

Foundation Support Specialists offer proven techniques such as helical piers and push piers to treat foundation issues. These are installed beneath your home’s foundation and provide a stable base by reaching down to the bedrock, thus relieving stress and cracking in your brick walls. 

Why Act Now? 

Ignoring minor cracks can lead to larger issues over time, including: 

  • Increasing Repair Costs: Timely intervention can prevent further damage and reduce long-term repair costs. Letting the issue persist could mean that minor fixes evolve into major renovations that are both disruptive and expensive. 
  • Moisture Intrusion: Cracks can let water seep into your home, encouraging mold growth and rot. Over time, this moisture can compromise the structural integrity of your home, creating an unsafe living environment. 
  • Home Value: Addressing the issue early on can protect and even enhance your home’s market value. Failure to tackle cracked bricks and underlying foundation issues can serve as a red flag to potential buyers, diminishing your home’s attractiveness on the market. 

Contact Foundation Support Specialists for Cracked Brick Repairs 

If you’ve noticed cracked bricks on your home’s exterior, don’t delay in contacting Foundation Support Specialists. We offer free inspections to identify the root cause and provide a same-day estimate for repairs. Our expert technicians are ready to help you stabilize your foundation and resolve your brick cracking issues. Contact us today


If you’ve noticed any form of cracking in your bricks, it’s recommended to contact a foundation specialist as soon as possible. While some minor cracks could be due to natural settling, it’s essential to rule out more serious foundation issues that can escalate quickly if not addressed. 

Regular home maintenance can mitigate some risk factors that lead to cracked bricks. For instance, controlling soil moisture around your home’s foundation can reduce soil fluctuation, and proper tree placement can avoid root interference. However, issues like natural soil settling may be unavoidable and require professional attention. 

Cosmetic cracks are usually thin, shallow, and don’t change over time. Structural cracks are often wider, deeper, and may grow larger if the underlying issue isn’t addressed. While it’s challenging for a homeowner to make this distinction definitively, any new or widening cracks should prompt an immediate consultation with a foundation specialist. 

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