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Crawl Space Support Jack Installation

Jacks in a fully encapsulated crawl space.

Texas homeowners often deal with sagging, bouncy, and uneven floors due to weak crawl space support. These problems can make your home uncomfortable and look bad, and they can also harm its structure.

Foundation Support Specialists fix these issues with top-notch crawl space repair systems. Our SettleStop™ IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks strengthen your floor joists and provide a solid base for your home. This page will explain the benefits of this solution and why Foundation Support Specialists is the best choice for crawl space repair in Texas.

What are Crawl Space Jacks? 

Jacks under wooden beams.

Crawl space support jacks support sagging and uneven floors. Made from strong steel, these jacks are installed under floor joists and attached to structural beams, providing unmatched stability and support.

Each jack can hold over 24,000 lbs., ensuring a flat and even floor. The system is rigorously tested and meets safety standards.

Their adjustability allows precise placement, crucial for long-term home stability. Foundation Support Specialists offer a complete solution to fix immediate problems and ensure your home’s lasting safety and sturdiness.

Signs You Need Crawl Space Jack Installation

If you notice any of the following, it might be time to consider crawl space support: 

Sagging floor joist in a crawl space.

These indicate damage to the floor joists in your crawl space. You’ll need swift intervention to prevent further damage and ensure the safety and comfort of your household. Consider working with Foundation Support Specialists for repair.

Are Crawl Space Jacks Necessary?

Crawl space jacks supporting wooden beams.

Yes, addressing your sagging floors is crucial for safety and structural integrity. Ignoring these warning signs can result in serious damage and expensive repairs.

DIY fixes won’t address the root of the problem, and entering your crawl space on your own is dangerous and could cause injury. Incorrect handling can also worsen damaged floor joists.

We suggest letting professionals handle inspections and repairs. Our team has have the right tools, expertise, solutions, and safety equipment to get the job done right.

What Are The Benefits of Crawl Space Jack Installation?

  • Enhanced Structural Integrity: IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks solidify your foundation, offering powerful support. 
  • Reduced Floor Movement: Our jacks diminish the flex and noise of floors underfoot. 
  • Potential for Floor Restoration: These jacks can stabilize and correct sagging floors. 
  • Prevention of Further Issues: Securing the floor joists helps to avoid future structural concerns. 
  • Lasting Solution: The steel makeup of the IntelliJack™ system ensures a durable and enduring fix to your structural problems. 

How We Install Crawl Space Jacks

Our process for fixing sagging floors looks like this: 

Jack being installed in a crawl space.
  • A comprehensive inspection to determine the ideal locations for jack placement. 
  • Excavation of holes at the identified spots in the crawl space for the jacks to be placed into. 
  • Installation of the base footing into the hole, then filled in with engineered fill to create a solid foundation. 
  • Customizing the size of steel tubes to the height of your crawl space. 
  • Assembling the steel tubes with the jack components into one cohesive unit. 
  • Attaching this unit to the footing and the overhead beam or floor joist. 
  • Fine-tuning the jacks to ensure stabilization and, if needed, lifting of the floor. 
  • Scheduling maintenance checks to maintain the jacks’ performance and longevity. 

Selecting Foundation Support Specialists ensures a meticulous installation process by knowledgeable professionals, reinforcing the foundation of Texas homes. 

Why Our Crawl Space Jacks are the Best Choice for Your Home

Foundation Support Specialists’ IntelliJack™ system is the gold standard for structural support, promising safety and durability for your home. Our jacks are distinctive because they: 

  • Can bear significant weight, with each jack supporting up to 24,000 pounds. 
  • Feature an adjustable design for precise fitting to your home’s specific structural needs, ensuring continued support. 
  • Are constructed from steel, guaranteeing robustness and resistance to corrosion and wear. 
  • Have been thoroughly tested and certified, complying with strict industry standards for safety and performance. 
  • Are part of a comprehensive approach to floor stabilization when used in conjunction with our full range of services, including ongoing maintenance. 

Choose Foundation Support Specialists for Crawl Space Jack Installation Near You! 

FSS inspector in front of a home.

Sagging floors should not be ignored as they indicate serious structural problems. Foundation Support Specialists are your reliable partner in providing crawl space jack installation, ensuring your home’s foundation is secure and stable. 

Don’t delay in addressing these critical signs. Contact us for a complimentary inspection and start on the path to securing your home’s foundation. Our team is committed to supporting you throughout the entire process. 

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    Yes, our crawl space jacks are designed for post-installation adjustments. The skilled technicians at Foundation Support Specialists are fully equipped to handle these adjustments safely and effectively. We also provide annual maintenance services, which include routine inspections and necessary adjustments to the jacks. For more details, please reach out to us. 

    The project time can differ based on the extent of floor damage, crawl space dimensions, and any additional work that may be necessary. Typically, IntelliJack™ installations are completed within a day or two. Our team operates efficiently to minimize disruption to your home life. A detailed timeline will be provided during your free consultation with a Foundation Support Specialists expert. 

    The price varies depending on the crawl space condition, the extent of the installation area, and additional required repairs. Foundation Support Specialists are dedicated to working within your budget and ensuring your home’s safety, offering free inspections, no-obligation quotes, clear pricing, and several financing options. 

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