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Vent Covers

Many crawl spaces are built with open vents, but these can end up backfiring on your foundation. Vent covers prevent pests and humidity from entering your crawl space.

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Back in the day, contractors decided that crawl space vents would allow humid air to escape from below your home. In recent times, it’s been discovered that these open vents actually cause more problems than they prevent. Open vents allow humidity to permeate your crawl space and provide easy access for pests to get under your home. FSS has crawl space vent covers that protect your crawl space from unwanted damage. 

How Crawl Space Vent Covers Work

Crawl space vents are recommended to be used alongside our other crawl space solutions, but here’s what you could expect if we were to install them on their own.

  • First, an FSS technician specialist will come to your home to inspect your crawl space. We’ll do a thorough walk-through to figure out what exactly is causing the problems in your crawl space. Once we’ve identified the open vents and any other issues, we’ll make a personalized installation plan with you.
  • Next, an installation team will arrive on the appointment date and gather all the crawl space materials needed, including the vent covers. Installing crawl space vents is a quick and easy process. We mechanically attach the vent covers over the old vents and ensure they’re fully protected and in place
  • Lastly, your crawl space will quickly begin to experience the benefits of crawl space vent covers. Lower humidity means a healthier crawl space and a healthier home in general. Even better, the lower humidity can save you money on energy bills and prevents water damage from destroying structures in your crawl space.

What Sets Our Vent Covers Apart?

  • Our crawl space vents are made of durable PVC material, which makes it especially difficult for pests to infiltrate your crawl space and prevents the covers from external damage.
  • Crawl space vents can be installed quickly and without any intrusion to your yard or home. This makes it an especially stress-free solution.
  • Crawl space vents may raise the value of your home because they save energy and prevent damage. This can make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Signs Your Home Needs Vent Covers

High Humidity

First and foremost, crawl space vents covers are designed to prevent outside moisture from damaging your crawl space. If your home is consistently humid, it’s probably coming from your crawl space. Warm air always rises, so humidity below your home eventually rises and spreads throughout your house. Vent covers help stop this process from taking root in the first place.


Pests have always been a problem for homes with a crawl space, as the pier and beam design common in Texas makes it easy for animals to crawl below your home. Usually, they’re looking for a place to take shelter or eat a meal. Pests may leave behind feces, urine, or carcasses in your crawl space. These waste products end up making your home smell unpleasant. Vent covers make it much harder for pests to get into your crawl space. 


When humidity is able to penetrate your crawl space, it quickly leads to mold growth. That’s because mold needs two things to thrive: humid conditions and organic materials to feed on. Wood is a common building material in crawl spaces, which provides a food source for mold. With vent covers, humidity cannot easily get into your crawl space and the chance for mold growth becomes much lower.


Unfortunately, vent covers can’t protect against every source of humidity, as they only block one entry point. Water vapor can infiltrate your crawl space in many different ways, so we recommend using vent covers alongside other crawl space solutions. These include a vapor barrier, dehumidifier, and drainage system. With all of these tools combined, your crawl space is protected from all forms of water – whether humid air, groundwater, or precipitation.

It all has to do with relative humidity, which is how much water the air in a particular environment can hold. Warm air can hold more water than cool air. During the summers in Texas, the air is warm and moderately humid, especially in July and August. Crawl spaces are naturally cooler than the outside environment because they are shaded from the sun. When the muggy air enters your crawl space, it mixes with the cooler air below your home. Since cold air cannot hold as much water as warm air, condensation forms and water vapor gets trapped in your crawl space.

While installing vent covers is relatively easy, we still advise that you leave it to the professionals. Store-bought vent covers are likely to be lesser in quality than professional options. Plus, any error during the installation process can end up making your vent covers ineffective. You’ll be left with the same issue as before, only with less money. Trusting professional specialists like FSS ensures the installation process goes smoothly.

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Our professional crawl space vent cover and access door installers are experienced and familiar with the San Antonio area’s building codes and industry best practices. Our specialists been working in this industry for over 20 years, and we know how to get the job done right and ensure your home or office is fully protected and safe. We’re here to offer our professional services whenever you need them. Contact us to request a free inspection if you need crawl space vent covers or access door installation in San Antonio or Austin. We look forward to helping you protect your home or business!

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