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Crawl Space Flooding

You might think rain is the only way your crawl space can flood, but a few other factors can also cause this devastating problem sign.

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Texas isn’t known for experiencing heavy rainfall, so you might think your crawl space is completely safe from the main causes of crawl space damage. Unfortunately, rain isn’t the only thing that can cause flooding below your Texas home. FSS has served thousands of homeowners since 2017, and we’re here to inform you about all the ways your crawl space can flood, what exactly it is, and what you can do to keep your foundation protected. 

What is Crawl Space Flooding?

Crawl space flooding is easily identified as standing water below your home. Other problem signs such as musty odors or a sagging floor also indicate crawl space flooding. When standing water builds up below your home, it eventually damages the supportive structures that keep your home supported (floor joists, block walls, wooden support beams).

Keep in mind, Texas experiences its wettest months in May, June, and October. During these months, the heavy precipitation saturates the soil in your yard. Groundwater is drained below your crawl space, and without proper crawl space protection, the groundwater grows and grows over time. This leads to flooding in your crawl space.

Moreover, crawl spaces contain important home systems like HVAC or plumbing lines. Unfortunately, when a leak occurs in your plumbing lines, the first area to be affected will be your crawl space, as the pipes dump massive amounts of water into the area below your home. Eventually, crawl space flooding leads to mold growth, wood rot, and high humidity, all of which spread throughout your home as a result of the flooded crawl space.

What Causes Crawl Space Flooding?

Soil Washout

Soil washout refers to the process by which water erodes and breaks down soil. As the water drains through the soil, particles of dirt shift and cause the structural integrity of the ground to get weaker. In addition, the soil becomes muddy and soft. When this groundwater seeps into the soil within your crawl space, it can water to build up and flood below your home.

Leaky Pipes

Water can get into your crawl space in more ways than one. Often, leaking pipes are a major source of moisture below your home. If one of your appliances springs a leak, it’s likely dripping into your crawl space and slowly collecting. Left unchecked, leaking pipes cause massive amounts of flooding in your crawl space and end up leading to other crawl space problem signs such as humidity or mold.

Crawl Space Vent

Open Crawl Space Vents

Many crawl spaces are built with vents along their foundation walls. Unfortunately, these vents allow outside air to penetrate your crawl space. Travis County and Bexar County generally experience dry conditions, but during the summer months, these areas are exposed to moderate amounts of humidity. Humid air is one of the biggest enemies to your crawl space, and when it gets into your crawl space through open vents, water droplets form on nearly every surface below your home. Over time, these droplets can drip onto the ground and cause water to build up.


Crawl space flooding feels like it can get out of hand very quickly. Without the proper solutions, it certainly can, but FSS has professional crawl space solutions to protect your home. Crawl space encapsulation is the most effective way to keep your crawl space protected from moisture. This involves the use of a vapor barrier, dehumidifier, sump pump, and crawl space drain – all of which keep moisture out and move water away from your crawl space. Keep in mind that DIY repair options, such as store-bought vapor barriers, won’t provide the same effectiveness as our professional solutions.

That all depends on your individual plan and the actual cause of the flooding. Sudden or uncontrollable circumstances, such as flash floods or natural disasters, are generally covered by insurance plans. Preventable causes, such as plumbing leaks or open vents, will likely not be covered. These are generally ruled as faulty maintenance issues and may be seen as “neglect” by insurance companies. Check with your insurance company for the specific details of your plan.

Yes. Moisture in your crawl space provides mold with the perfect environment to grow. Crawl spaces are often constructed with organic materials such as wood. Mold needs humidity and organic materials in order to thrive. Flooding in your crawl space eventually evaporates and creates the necessary humidity. Moreover, as the humid air rises into your home, it carries mold spores into the rest of your house. Eventually, you’ll be dealing with a full-fledged mold infestation that all stemmed from crawl space flooding.

How Does FSS Fix Crawl Space Flooding?

Our team has years of experience protecting crawl spaces in Texas from flooding. Investing in crawl space encapsulation protects your crawl space from all forms of moisture by using a combination of vapor barriers, interior drains, and a dehumidifier. Vapor barriers isolate your crawl space from the outdoor environment and make it impossible for wet soil to contribute to flooding. Interior waterproofing quickly moves groundwater away from your crawl space and stops flooding before it even has a chance to get worse. Moreover, vent covers and dehumidifiers keep humid air out of your crawl space, which only make the side effects of crawl space flooding worse.

Explore Solutions

FSS has plenty of crawl space solutions to protect your home from crawl space flooding. All of our tools mitigate the amount of moisture that can get into your crawl space whether it’s water vapor, condensation, or groundwater. We use vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, crawl space drains, and more to protect your home’s foundation and keep your crawl space permanently dry.

Control Crawl Space Flooding with Help From FSS

Crawl space flooding can cause problems that extend beyond your crawl space and into your home. Prevent this from happening with help from our expert team. Clients choose FSS for their crawl space encapsulation services because they know when they hire us it’s the start of a partnership, not just a one-and-done transaction. 

Each and every crawl space is different, which is why we will work with you to develop a plan that makes sense for your individual crawl space. Contact us to schedule a free inspection and never deal with crawl space flooding again.

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