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Exterior French drain and gutter downspout.

Exterior Waterproofing

Keeping your home or business protected from moisture is vital. Exterior water damage can destroy the structural integrity of your property.

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Have you noticed mold in your crawl space? Maybe your gutters are clogged, and you’re seeing water pool around the edged of your foundation. Homeowners in Texas shouldn’t have to deal with these moisture issues, and FSS is here to protect your home with exterior waterproofing solutions. With our drainage system extensions, outdoor moisture is moved away from your home where it can’t cause damage.

How Does Exterior Waterproofing Work?

There are two types of exterior waterproofing options we offer trench drains and French drains. Both are effective at moving water away from your foundation to prevent damage. Here’s how the process works. 

  • Inspect Gutters and Drainpipes: Our team comes to your home and provides a free inspection, which will help us identify the source of your moisture problems. For exterior waterproofing, we’ll inspect your gutters and drainpipes for any signs of clogging, malfunction, or rust. We’ll also check to see if the spouts of your drainpipes are located too close to your foundation. All of these problems can lead to water overflowing into your yard or draining directly onto your home’s foundation. Over time, this leads to mold, settlement and sinking, and other problem signs. 
  • Decide on a Drainpipe Extension: The best way to protect the outside of your home from moisture is to install a drainpipe extension. FSS offers two varieties – trench drains and French drains. Both involve digging a trench on your property with minimal damage to your landscaping. Trench drains are above-ground drainage systems placed into a trench and covered with strong grated material. French drains are below-ground drainage systems that are covered with gravel, becoming unnoticeable on your property. 
  • Install the Drainage System: The type of drainage system used on your property depends on your preference as well as the kind of foundation your home rests on and the size of your yard. Once the type of drainage system you will be using is determined, our team takes care of the rest. Installation is typically straightforward and quick. Once completed, your home will be able to move groundwater, rainwater, and any other forms of water away from your home more effectively. Plus, our team ensures that your yard is cleaned up and back to normal after the entire process is complete.

What Makes Our Exterior Waterproofing Stand Out?

  • After waterproofing is complete, our team cleans up your yard and returns the landscaping to its condition before the process.
  • Our options can be custom designed to fit your building’s unique needs, no matter the issue with your moisture problems.
  • All of our patented waterproofing solutions are warrantied to ensure the highest quality standards for your drainage needs.

Signs Your Texas Home Needs Exterior Waterproofing


Drainpipes that are located too close to your foundation will spill water right onto your foundation, where it will seep and create the perfect environment for mold to thrive. When water is able to penetrate your foundation – specifically your crawl space foundation – mold is more than likely going to form below your home. If you’ve noticed musty odors in your home or even seem mold growing in your house, exterior waterproofing will help.

Settlement and Sinking

Concrete slab foundations are susceptible to uneven settlement as a result of exterior moisture. Rain that gets into the soil around your foundation will cause soil washout, a process that erodes the ground around your foundation, making it much harder to keep your home supported. As the soil breaks down, it becomes soft and your heavy foundation sinks below the surface. Exterior waterproofing prevents this from happening, and in turn, prevents foundation problem signs from arising in your home.

Crawl Space Flooding

Without proper exterior drainage, water can easily flood into your crawl space. When this happens, it leads to crawl space problem signs like wood rot, humidity, and mold – all of which out the structural integrity of your home and your health at risk. With our drainage system extensions, water is quickly moved away from your crawl space and won’t have the chance to collect below your home or cause structural damage.


As a homeowner in Texas, you’re probably wondering if exterior waterproofing is even necessary. After all, Austin and San Antonio receive below average amounts of rainfall every year. However, the wettest months in Southeast Texas are May, June, and October. When the rain does come, it causes problems in your soil, and collects in your yard. If your home is unprotected during a particularly heavy storm, it can lead to tons of problem signs and damage on your property. Its best to stay protected with exterior waterproofing, because you’ll save money and avoid repairs in the long run. 

We don’t recommend trying DIY installations. While you can purchase these solutions at local hardware stores, the materials are lower in quality than our professional solutions. Moreover, any misstep in the installation process leads to the same problems as before – only this time you’ve spent time and money. Our professional team will provide a permanent solution to your exterior moisture issues and get it done right the first time.

While we can’t tell you the exact cost of an exterior waterproofing project until we’ve inspected your home, we can provide you with a ballpark estimate. Generally, trench drain installation costs around $30 – $100 per linear foot, depending on the length of the drain extension and the type of material used. No matter what, installing a trench drain will save you money in the long run because it will prevent moisture problems in the future.

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We understand that moisture problems make living in your home uncomfortable. From mold and wood rot to settlement and sinking, our team has seen it all. With over 20 years of experience, our foundation experts are ready to help waterproof the exterior of your home. There’s a reason Texas homeowners trust us for their exterior waterproofing needs – we get the job done right every time and make the process simple for all of our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our waterproofing solutions and to schedule a free inspection with one of our technicians!

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