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Driveway Repair

FSS can repair your concrete driveway the same as any other concrete structure on your property. Repairing your driveway keeps your vehicles and your loved ones safe.

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Homeowners use their driveway nearly every day. Whether it’s backing out with their car, parking after a long day at work, or simply an area to relax and throw a ball around, your driveway is one of the most important parts of your home. When it becomes cracked or uneven, it puts your vehicles and loved ones at risk. FSS has an effective solution available for homeowners in Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas that keeps your driveway permanently protected from damage. 

How Our Driveway Repair Process Works

To fix your driveway, our team uses PolyRenewal™, a polyurethane concrete lifting material. Here’s what you can expect on the day of installation. 

  • Clear the Driveway and Drill Holes: First, our team will ask that your driveway is completely clear of vehicles, outdoor furniture, and any other objects that might be located on your driveway. Next, our team uses special drills to bore penny-sized holes into the concrete. These will be the injection sites where the polyurethane solution will be installed. Don’t worry, these holes will be virtually invisible by the end of the process. 
  • Inject PolyRenewal™: Once these holes are drilled, we place the injection ports into them. These ports are used to precisely guide the polyurethane material below your concrete. As PolyRenewal™ passes through the tube, it is simultaneously mixed to become the durable material that repairs and supports your concrete. After all of the polyurethane is injected, it dries in just 30 minutes!
  • Concrete is Permanently Protected: After the PolyRenewal™ is completely dry, your concrete immediately feels the benefits. Polyurethane protects against all of the major causes of concrete damage. Water that drains through the concrete can no longer weaken the soil below, because PolyRenewal™ provides a waterproof barrier. The sun will not be able to dry out PolyRenewal™ due to its location underneath the concrete. Finally, polyurethane is strong enough to support your concrete without fail, so the heavy weight of concrete won’t damage the soil underneath it.

What Sets Our Driveway Repair Apart?

  • Polyurethane cures in just 30 minutes, which means you can get back to using your driveway the same day as installation.
  • Polyurethane injection is minimally invasive to your property. The process is quick and won’t leave a mess in your yard.
  • We offer a total protection package, where we seal any surface cracks on your concrete and power wash your driveway in addition to polyurethane injection.

Signs Your Home Needs Driveway Repair

Uneven Driveway

Obviously, the most pertinent sign that you need driveway repair is when your driveway is uneven. When sections of your concrete driveway sink into the ground or get pushed up by expansive soils, it can become a safety hazard. Vehicles that pass over these sections are at risk of damage, while anyone walking over these sections could trip. Even worse, pests make nests or take shelter in these uneven areas. Wasps or snakes might be hiding in the cracked concrete which can lead to injury.

Pitting, Flaking, or Staining

Each of these issues indicates that a larger structural problem has either already occurred or is about to occur in your concrete. If you notice small divots across the surface of your concrete, or flaking sections of your driveway, calling FSS for driveway repair can prevent these from getting worse. Moreover, if your vehicles are leaking oil, or you have sprinklers and drainage systems located close to your driveway, staining can occur. When these materials are absorbed by the concrete, it breaks down internally. Our driveway repair restores your concrete internally and on the surface.

Unlevel Steps

Many homes use concrete as a base for steps leading to their front door. When the concrete experiences damage, the steps become unlevel. While steps might seem separate from your driveway, concrete damage is rarely an isolated incident. If concrete damage occurs anywhere in your yard, it’s only a matter of time before other concrete structures are affected by the same causes. Our team can lift your unlevel steps, and you may also want to consider driveway repair. That way, you can avoid any trouble before it even starts.


While we can’t give you an exact number since every damaged driveway is different, driveway repair can run anywhere between $799-$2,624.  FSS offers a free home inspection where one of our specialists will identify any concrete issues you might be experiencing and provide a free quote during the process so you know exactly how much your driveway repair will cost. One thing we can guarantee is that driveway repair saves you money in the long run. Our concrete lifting solutions provide a permanent fix, so you never have to spend money on driveway repair again.

Your uneven driveway is caused by problematic soil. Soil washout, dry conditions, or expansive soils can all contribute to a sinking driveway. Clay soils are extremely common in Travis County and Bexar County. The dry environment of Texas causes these clay soils to shrink in size and become brittle. As a result, a gap opens up between the soil and your driveway, forcing it to sink and crush through the brittle clay. Moreover, occasional rain can cause clay soils to expand up into your concrete driveway, causing even more sinking and uneven sections.

Many homeowners think using store-bought sealant or concrete will fix their concrete issues. Unfortunately, these fail to solve the actual problem behind your damaged driveway – weak soil. Only professional concrete solutions such as PolyRenewal™ remove problematic soil from the equation. Using material from your local hardware store only provides a surface level fix and will eventually suffer from the same problems that caused your damaged driveway in the first place.

Keep your Driveway Protected With FSS

Your driveway is arguably the most important concrete structure on your property because you use it nearly every day. Thankfully, our professional team has years of experience working with concrete solutions. We use American-made products that are durable and strong. Our use of high-quality polyurethane injection makes every repair extend the lifespan of your concrete driveway and keeps it protected well into the future. 

Clients in Austin, San Antonio, and Victoria continue to turn to us for our impeccable customer service and quality solutions. To learn more about our family-owned business, or to schedule a free inspection, contact us today!

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