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Unlevel Steps

Outdoor steps are supported by a concrete base. This base can be damaged in the same way as other concrete structures when exposed to weak soil.

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If your Texas home has concrete steps leading to your front door, you know how just how often they are used every day. Unfortunately, when steps become unlevel, they become a tripping hazard to anyone living in or visiting your home. FSS is here to inform you about everything you need to know when it comes to unlevel steps – what causes them and how to fix it.

Unlevel Steps Explained

Unlevel steps are exactly what they sound like – crooked, uneven steps located on the exterior of your property. Often, steps lead to the front door or porch of a home, but they can also be found in backyards too. No matter where your steps are located, they are damaged in the same way. Look for cracks in concrete steps. This is the first sign that unevenness is on the way.

When steps do become uneven, it becomes unsafe to navigate them. Sections of concrete might separate from one another, and you may notice handrails becoming out of line. Unlevel steps are serious tripping hazards for anyone living in your home or visiting your business, so getting them repaired quickly is important.

What Causes Unlevel Steps?

Soil Washout 

Properties located in Travis County and Bexar County contain high amounts of sandy loam soil. This type of soil is porous, which allows rainwater to quickly drain through them. Unfortunately, this also means that when exposed to a lot of water, sandy loam soil is susceptible to shifting and deteriorating. If your house was constructed on this kind of soil, rain will lead to unlevel steps as the ground degrades and becomes muddy. Your concrete steps will eventually sink into the ground because of soil washout, becoming a tripping hazard in the process.

Drought and Dry Soil

Dry weather, which Texas experiences frequently, also causes problems for the soil in your yard. Unfortunately, clay is very prone to drying out in the scorching hot, dry conditions of Texas. As a result, clay soil in your yard shrinks in size and becomes brittle under these circumstances. The immense weight of your concrete steps presses down on the weakened clay and causes the steps to become uneven as the soil shrinks and cracks beneath them.

Expansive Soils

When exposed to water, clay soil also faces another adverse side effect, becoming expansive. Expansive soils expand in size when they take in moisture, usually through rain or sprinklers. As they grow, expansive soils press against your concrete steps and create pressure below them that pushes up. Under this pressure, the concrete will inevitably crack and become uneven.


Stopping your driveway from becoming uneven requires professional tools. FSS uses polyurethane injection, a modern approach to concrete lifting that uses the same idea as mudjacking but gets rid of the mess and the long completion times. Polyurethane is a foam material that essentially starts as a liquid. Using specialized equipment, our team injects the solution below uneven concrete, where it quickly expands and hardens enough to support the weight of your concrete steps in just 30 minutes. Polyurethane also protects against soil washout, dry conditions, and expansive soils by acting as a barrier between the soil and your steps.

Polyurethane is better in all facets. Mudjacking was used for years as a concrete lifting solution and is still offered by many companies. However, mudjacking doesn’t provide 100% permanent solution like polyurethane does. Since mudjacking literally relies on injecting mud below your concrete, it runs into the same problems as the original soil. In Texas, the dry environment eventually dries out the mud and causes the same issues that your concrete ran into before. Polyurethane permanently defends against all the causes of concrete problem signs which makes it the better option.

That all depends on the extent of concrete damage around your home, and the size of the affected concrete structure. Average costs place polyurethane injection around $2,400 and $3,600. However, we can’t know the price until we inspect your home. What we do know is that polyurethane injection will end up saving you money in the long run since you’ll be avoiding potential injuries and repair costs.

How FSS Fixes Unlevel Steps

Fixing unlevel steps involves protecting the soil beneath them. The best way to do this is with polyurethane injection. FSS provides this service with our high-quality PolyRenewal™ product. Polyurethane starts as a foamy liquid but quickly hardens into a light, but durable solid. During installation, the foam polyurethane is injected below the unlevel steps where it fills voids in the soil. As the material hardens, it lifts damaged sections of concrete back into place, and you won’t have to worry about tripping or worsening damage again.

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Keeping your concrete steps level can make many differences for your home such as higher value and less chance of injury. Concrete lifting solutions from FSS make this a reality. We use polyurethane injection to repair any damaged concrete on your property. This innovative foam material expands and hardens in just 30 minutes, lifting your concrete back into position the same day as installation so you can get back to using your concrete steps quickly.

Protect Your Concrete Steps With FSS

Our concrete repair team has years of experience working with concrete and its solutions. We only use American-made products that are durable and strong to get the job done. Our use of high-quality materials like PolyRenewal™ is what makes our concrete repair a permanent solution. This highly durable and waterproof solution provides the ultimate protection for your concrete by lifting uneven sections back into place, and by protecting the soil from uncontrollable weather conditions like rain or drought. Clients continue to turn to us for our impeccable customer service and long-lasting solutions. To learn more about concrete lifting, contact us today and schedule a free inspection.

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