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Cracked Concrete Patio 

An inviting patio can elevate your outdoor experience, but without proper care, it can turn into a safety concern. 

A cracked concrete patio can cause tripping and might indicate more extensive home damage. 

Foundation Support Specialists recognize the importance of such issues and provide targeted, effective solutions. We’re dedicated to enhancing the safety and beauty of your Texas home with our specialized concrete lifting methods, ensuring your patio is both safe and enjoyable for your family. 

This page delves into the reasons behind cracked concrete patios and how our expert solutions can restore your home and peace of mind. 

What Is a Cracked Concrete Patio? 

A cracked concrete patio, often situated in your backyard, shows signs of wear over time with visible fractures or breaks, affecting both its looks and strength. 

These defects can range from tiny, shallow cracks to deeper, more concerning damage that can pose safety threats like tripping hazards. Cracked patios can become hotspots for pests, weeds, and water, leading to further wear. 

Other concrete issues you might observe on your property include: 

Delaying repairs can escalate the damage. If you spot these issues, get in touch with a local expert for guidance. Foundation Support Specialists offer a thorough approach to determine the damage’s cause and extent, ensuring lasting repairs. 

What Causes a Cracked Concrete Patio? 

Various factors contribute to cracked concrete patios: 

  • Settling Soil and Erosion: Shifts or erosion in the underlying soil can lead to an unstable concrete patio, resulting in cracks. 
  • Weather Conditions: Heavy rain or flooding can intensify soil erosion, especially in clay-rich areas. Water freezing and thawing in the concrete can also lead to cracks. 
  • Tree Roots: Expanding tree roots can exert pressure on the concrete, causing it to crack. 
  • Installation Problems: Errors during concrete pouring or curing can introduce weaknesses, leading to cracks over time. 

Similar issues affecting patios can also impact a home’s foundation, making prompt attention crucial. 

Can You Fix a Cracked Concrete Patio? 

Absolutely! Addressing the problem early on can lead to more effective solutions. 

However, mere surface-level fixes won’t suffice. Comprehensive repairs that tackle the root causes are vital for long-lasting results. 

Foundation Support Specialists offer a full range of solutions, including our innovative PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting system, that not only fixes visible damage but also addresses underlying problems to prevent recurrence. 

How to Fix a Cracked Concrete Patio 

At Foundation Support Specialists, we utilize state-of-the-art techniques to repair cracked concrete patios: 

  • In-depth damage assessment inspection 
  • Drilling small holes in damaged patio sections 
  • Inserting injection ports 
  • Mixing a specialized two-part foam 
  • Injecting this foam under the patio 
  • The foam then expands, lifting the concrete 
  • Quick curing of foam in about 15 minutes 
  • Sealing the drilled holes and cracks 
  • Regular maintenance for continued protection 

Our customized solutions, tailored to your home’s unique problems, surpass traditional repair methods. 

Why Address a Cracked Concrete Patio Now 

Taking timely action on a damaged patio is crucial: 

  • Safety Concerns: Cracks and unevenness can be tripping hazards. 
  • Further Damage: If not addressed, the patio can deteriorate further due to continuing soil issues. 
  • Water Damage: Cracks can allow water to seep in, potentially affecting the foundation. 
  • Pest Problems: Pests can exploit cracks to infest your home. 
  • Aesthetic Concerns: A damaged patio can spoil your home’s appearance. 
  • Property Value: A poorly maintained patio can decrease your property’s value. 

By promptly addressing these issues with expert services like ours, you ensure a more effective solution compared to temporary fixes. Only Foundation Support Specialists, with our cutting-edge technology, can guarantee the best results for Texas homeowners. 

Contact Foundation Support Specialists for Premier Concrete Lifting Solutions 

Your Texas home should be a sanctuary, complete with a pristine patio. Rely on Foundation Support Specialists to restore your patio’s integrity. Our advanced concrete lifting techniques promise durable results. 

Texan homeowners have trusted us for our forward-thinking repairs, meticulous work, and unmatched customer service. Reach out today to schedule your complimentary inspection. Let our experts deliver the solutions that will rejuvenate your patio. 


With professional repairs, your patio can remain intact for years. Foundation Support Specialists utilize the robust PolyRenewal™ injection method, which offers more longevity than traditional methods. Reach out for a free inspection and to learn more about our trusted concrete lifting services. 

Absolutely. Small cracks can grow, potentially indicating larger structural problems. It’s essential to address them immediately. Contact Foundation Support Specialists for a no-cost comprehensive inspection whenever you notice cracks in your home

The foam injection process we use is typically completed in a few hours. Post-injection, the foam cures rapidly, letting you use the patio the same day. The entire project duration varies based on the damage extent. Contact us to arrange an appointment with our team. 

*Disclaimer: “Concrete leveling” means the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in many cases lifted, by means of PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. Foundation Support Specialists does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make your concrete perfectly level.

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