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Pitting, Flaking, and Staining

Concrete can become discolored and structurally weak for a number of reasons. Generally, pitting, flaking, and staining is outside of your control – but fixing it isn’t.

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What is Pitting, Flaking, and Staining?

Concrete structures are some of the most important parts of our home. Chances are, you use your driveway, concrete patio, or concrete steps every single day. When these structures become damaged, it puts everyone in your home at risk. Pitting, flaking, and staining are major problem signs that indicate your concrete is deteriorating. Learn what these problem signs look like and explore concrete lifting solutions from FSS.

All of these problem signs are lumped together in the same group because they cause similar issues for your concrete. However, each of them is slightly different in what causes them and how exactly they damage concrete structures.

What is Pitting?

Pitting can be easily identified as tiny, rough craters along the surface of a concrete structure. These divots appear as a result of weak structural integrity inside the concrete. Generally, this weakness arises because of an error during the concrete production process. If anything goes wrong during the initial mixing process, pitting is much more likely to occur. Moreover, problems can arise while concrete is being cured. Unfortunately, concrete contractors can’t always catch these early problem signs, so there is no clear way to know if your concrete will experience pitting. What we do know is that concrete generally appears about five years after the concrete has been poured. and our concrete solutions work to support and lift your concrete even if pitting has already occurred.

Cracks In Concrete

What is Flaking?

Flaking might look quite similar to pitting, but it differs in how it is caused and how it affects your concrete. When flitting occurs, the surface of your concrete becomes flaky – as the name implies. Flaking also indicates a deep structural problem, but instead of being caused by mixing errors, flaking is caused by exposure to moisture and weather. Rain and expanding soils can cause the surface of your concrete to erode over time. Sprinklers and drainpipes can also contribute to flaking if located too close to your concrete.

What is Staining?

Staining is exactly what it sounds like – discoloration on the surface of concrete. You’ve probably seen a vehicle leaking oil onto a driveway, or mud from shoes tracked onto a sidewalk. These staining materials can actually seep into the concrete, or the soil around it, over time. This causes the concrete to break down internally and may weaken the soil, which contributes to sinking concrete.


While you can’t control concrete mixing errors or the weather, you can certainly mitigate the amount of moisture and other materials that make contact with your concrete. Regular service to vehicles can prevent oil leaks. Installing high-quality gutters and drainage systems around your home can stop water from collecting on your concrete. Additionally, contacting FSS for professional concrete lifting is the best way to stop pitting, flaking, and staining from ruining your concrete completely. With our solutions, we provide a permanent fix for damaged concrete and keep it protected for years to come.

Yes, these same issues can affect your concrete slab foundation. If your driveway is suffering from these issues, they will spread to your concrete slab foundation. Any damage to your foundation is also going to cause damage to your home’s structural integrity. What started solely as a concrete problem sign will translate into a full-blown foundation issue. You should never ignore pitting, flaking, and staining because they indicate a larger problem on the horizon. 

Sometimes, concrete that has experienced pitting, flaking, or staining becomes so deteriorated that it needs to be replaced. Since these issues primarily affect the surface of concrete, they can lead to a loss of value to your home and a negative curb appeal to potential buyers. Moreover, damaged concrete is a tripping hazard to anyone living in your home and can damage vehicles as they drive over it. Keep in mind, when you replace concrete, be sure to invest in concrete lifting solutions. FSS will prevent this process from happening to your newly installed concrete.

How Does FSS Fix Pitting, Flaking, and Staining?

While all of these problem signs are unique, they’re still related to one another. That means our team uses the same repair methods for each of these issues. FSS installs PolyRenewal™, a polyurethane injection system that lifts concrete by filling voids beneath it. Polyurethane is a foam material that starts out like a liquid before hardening and providing strong and durable support for your damaged concrete. This extra strength is what prevents pitting and flaking from destroying concrete structures and causing them to sink. Additionally, PolyRenewal™ is waterproof and non-porous, which means staining materials like oil, mud, or excess water won’t seep into the soil below. In preventing this, the soil below your concrete won’t be weakened or lead to uneven sections.

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We understand that pitting, flaking, and staining may seem out of your control, but our concrete lifting solutions put you back into the driver’s seat. Using PolyRenewal™, our innovative polyurethane injection system, your concrete is lifted and supported the same day as installation. Polyurethane dries in just 30 minutes which means you can get back to your regular routine with minimal disruption and feel confident that your concrete won’t become damaged again.

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Concrete structures are important for every home. Don’t let yours degrade to the point of no return. Since 2017, FSS has been helping homeowners in Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas with their concrete needs. With over 20 years of combined experience, our technicians know exactly what to look for when it comes to damaged concrete and can help you restore important structures on your property. Contact us to learn more about our concrete lifting solution and to schedule a free inspection today!

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