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Causes of Concrete Damage

Nobody likes to see recessed, cracked, unlevel, or pitted concrete, but one or several of these problem signs will eventually appear. Despite the general strength of concrete, excessive moisture, tree roots, soil conditions, and improper installation with low-quality materials are all leading causes of concrete damage.

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Common Causes of Concrete Damage

With more than twenty years of experience, our technicians are the most qualified to help identify the causes of your concrete damage and recommend the most effective solutions for property owners in the central and south Texas area.

Intrusive Tree Roots

One of the most common causes of concrete damage is intrusive tree roots. Although the process is slow, roots have the power to grow into or under concrete and cause significant structural damage. Cracked and unlevel concrete are the two most common problem signs due to intrusive tree roots. If the trees on your property cause cracks to form in your concrete, we can fix it with our concrete crack repair service. If there are no trees near your concrete surface, it is likely one of the other causes that are responsible for causing the damage.

Soil Erosion & Uneven Settling

A stable concrete structure relies on the underlying soil to support and maintain a level surface. Unfortunately, the changing conditions and rain eventually erode the ground, which makes your concrete susceptible to uneven settling and cracks. If the soil erodes near a joint, we can fix it with our concrete lifting service. However, cracks are more likely to appear if the erosion occurs away from a joint. Either way, the top technicians at Foundation Support Specialists are here to help.

Construction Errors & Low-Quality Materials

Contractors don’t always install concrete the proper way. Whether they do it to save a few dollars or accidentally make a mistake, errors in the construction process cause premature deterioration and extensive concrete damage. Construction errors include everything from too much water in the mix and inadequate shaking to an improper curing process. Although the concrete may look good initially, visual and structural flaws will appear much sooner than they otherwise would.

Foundation Support Specialists Can Identify and Prevent the Causes of Your Concrete Damage

The first step in fixing your residential or commercial concrete is identifying the underlying cause. To the untrained eye, pinpointing the cause of damage is no easy task. The good news is that our team has decades of combined experience and can identify the cause of your concrete damage in one simple inspection.

If you notice any of these common problem signs, we can help identify their cause and provide an effective solution to make your concrete as good as new. Don’t wait because the damage will only get worse. Contact Foundation Support Specialists today for your free inspection and get an estimate on the quality concrete repair services you deserve.

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