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Concrete Lifting & Leveling

Damaged concrete has the potential to cause injury and it lowers the value of your home. Keep your home protected with proven solutions from FSS.

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What Causes Concrete Damage

Problems with the soil under your concrete slabs are generally at the heart of the causes of concrete damage. Other causes of concrete damage also include: 

  • Drought or dry conditions
  • Invasive tree roots
  • Soil erosion
  • Soil shrinkage, compaction, and settling 

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    Our Experts Are Here To Help!

    Our Experts Are Here To Help!


    PolyRenewal™ is needed for any concrete lifting because it far surpasses other concrete lifting options. Mudjacking and concrete replacement are long, tedious processes that can take days to complete and fully dry. Not to mention, these processes can be extremely invasive to your yard. 

    Meanwhile, PolyRenewal™ is easy to install and makes virtually zero mess. Once installation is complete, you won’t be able to tell where the polyurethane foam was injected. If you want a solution that is easy to install and also lasts, PolyRenewal™ is for you.

    Dealing with damage concrete is a frustrating game for any homeowner. Thankfully, you don’t have to go at it alone with help from FSS. With PolyRenewal™, our polyurethane injection system, your concrete stays permanently protected. 

    PolyRenewal™ is capable of withstanding all of the common causes of concrete damage including moisture, pressure, and heat. Plus, it cures to 90 percent of its full strength in just 30 minutes, which means you can get back to your routine the same day as installation – convenient for any homeowner.

    Our team injects the polyurethane foam solution below your home, where it acts like a liquid and quickly fills any voids below the ground. Afterward, the foam expands and hardens, pushing your concrete back into place and supporting its weight.

    Yes. PolyRenewal™ is made from an environmentally friendly material that is waterproof and won’t degrade over time. This means it won’t leach harmful chemicals into your yard.

    PolyRenewal™ is cost-effective because it offers a solution that is long-lasting, unlike mudjacking and slab replacement. With this solution, you won’t have to pay for concrete repair in the future.

    That all depends on the extent of concrete damage around your home, and the size of the affected concrete structure. Average costs place polyurethane injection around $2,400 and $3,600. However, we can’t know the price until we inspect your home. What we do know is that polyurethane injection will end up saving you money in the long run since you’ll be avoiding potential injuries and repair costs.

    Common Concrete Lifting Tips and Mistakes

    Concrete Lifting Tips

    • Regular Maintenance: Performing a regular check up on your concrete is the easiest way to stay on top of concrete damage. Once a month or so, take a look at any concrete structures around your property. Keep a close eye out for unusual staining, cracks, or uneven sections of concrete. This can make a difference to the level of concrete damage on your property if you catch it early.
    • Consider Cure Time: When choosing any kind of concrete lifting solution, consider how long the material will take to dry. Mudjacking can take up to 2 days before it is fully cured – bringing an inconvenience to your entire routine. PolyRenewal™ cures in just 30 minutes. Keep this in mind when investing in concrete lifting.
    • Think About the Mess: Do your research on every kind of concrete lifting solution and the process involved behind each. Certain solutions, such as mudjacking, are messy endeavors that can leave your yard in worse shape than before. PolyRenewal™ is virtually invisible after installation and won’t leave a mess.

    Concrete Lifting Mistakes

    • Repairing Concrete on Your Own: Trying to fix or lift your concrete with DIY options is not recommended. Not only is it hard to fix concrete without professional solutions, but DIY projects could make damage worse or cause injury. Self-leveling concrete isn’t entirely reliable either.
    • Comparing Your Concrete: Even if your neighbor’s concrete driveway or patio has stayed in immaculate shape for years, that doesn’t mean your will. Unfortunately, many variables come into play with concrete including mixing errors or the type of soil in your yard. Don’t just assume your concrete will be okay based on others, get it checked by a professional and keep an eye on it.
    • Double Check Concrete Thickness: Concrete used in different areas needs to be different thicknesses. For example, a sidewalk slab should be four inches thick, while a driveway slab should be eight to ten inches thick.

    Proudly Serving Central & South Texas

    Austin, TX

    Austin, TX

    Austin receives a lower-than-average amount of rainfall every year, which means the environment is mostly dry. These dry conditions take a toll on your concrete and foundation over time.

    San Antonio TX

    San Antonio TX

    With an abundance of either sandy loam soil or clay soil in certain areas, San Antonio homes experience different types of damage.

    Houston, TX

    Houston, TX

    Houston experiences wet weather year-round. Combined with clay-based soils throughout the region, your foundation and concrete are at high risk for damage. FSS has world-class solutions designed to combat these environmental factors.

    Port Arthur, TX

    Port Arthur, TX

    At FSS, we understand how challenging foundation and concrete issues can be for Port Arthur residents. That's why our team is dedicated to delivering superior foundation repair solutions that are sure to withstand the wet weather and clay-based soils of this area.

    Waco, TX

    Waco, TX

    Waco residents are all too familiar with the effects of wet weather and clay-based soils on their foundations and concrete. That's why FSS offers Waco foundation repair solutions that are designed to withstand the elements and keep your property protected.

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      Proudly Serving Central and South Texas

      Austin, TX

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      Houston, TX

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