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Specialized Commercial Foundation Repair Services

While FSS specializes in repairing most any foundation - commercial or residential - there are many types of different foundation repair needs that affect various businesses. Some of these may not be obvious, but the trained technicians at Foundation Support Specialists can provide long-term solutions and repairs for the foundations you might not consider.

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Light Pole Foundation Pier Installation and Repairs

Light poles are something we may not think about too often; however, they provide an essential service by keeping our communities and roadways well lit. If these structures have foundation issues, not only is their important function halted, they could become unstable and dangerous. To protect your community’s investment, call the professional team at Foundation Support Specialists for light pole foundation repair services.

The foundation around a light pole is unique in a number of ways:

  • There is a large amount of wiring installed underneath the structure in order to power the light pole. 
  • Light poles are typically in tightly packed locations, such as a busy street corner. 
  • Not only are light poles continually exposed to the elements, they can be impacted by auto accidents and other hazards.
Commercial Light Pole Base Installation

Long-Term Foundation Solutions for Light Poles

Our expert team understands the particulars of light pole service work and will tackle the job with precision and knowledge. We will expertly install or repair the helical piers supporting the light pole, ensuring its functionality and stability. Or, if the pole does not use helical piers, our team will work to provide the right solution to the problem. 

Our technicians work with minimal excavation to keep foot and vehicle traffic moving and leave minimal damage while fixing the pole’s foundation. We will work to seal cracks in the cement, preventing water from penetrating and doing damage from within. In addition, our work is done quickly so the light pole can function properly again with as little disruption as possible. 

For any type of light pole, from decorative to parking lot varieties, we have the foundation solution for you.

Solar Panels In Field

Solar Panel Foundation Repair

Solar panel foundation problems can be a big headache due to the sensitive functioning of these panels. Accurate positioning is crucial when it comes to how well a panel performs, and even tiny changes in the ground below can affect the solar panel’s ability to collect sunlight and energy. When a panel cannot collect energy, your solar investment ends up being useless.

If the ground beneath your solar panel has shifted and now the foundation is at risk, the time to take action is now. Ensure your solar panel’s foundation is repaired the right way the first time by calling on the experts at Foundation Support Specialists.

Proven Foundation Solutions for Solar Panels

Residents depend on your solar panels to provide them with clean, sustainable energy. They have invested in this technology and when the panels won’t function properly because of foundation problems, the operators lose money while the customers and facilities lose valuable energy that they rely upon. With such an important structure, you don’t want to trust their foundation repair with just anyone.

Solar panel foundations have certain factors that make them unique from buildings or other structures:

  • The foundations around the panels are subject to direct sunlight, potentially developing cracks that could cause problems down the line.
  • Most solar panels are placed in large fields or on top of roofs with no protection from rainwater. With lots of water comes the risk of the concrete eroding or water penetrating the exterior. 

With Foundation Support Specialists, we guarantee that the foundation repair we do for your solar panel will be a lasting solution. Our trained technicians have worked with solar panel foundations for years and have the knowledge and experience to get yours solid and stable quickly.

Telecom Tower Foundation Repair

Telecommunications towers are essential in this age of technology. Communities rely upon them to transmit information across the globe. Residents and businesses alike depend on these structures to operate and communicate. When there is an issue with the foundation under one of these towers, its ability to function properly can be seriously compromised or even halted altogether. For foundation repairs that last, turn to Foundation Support Specialists for your telecom tower needs.

Strong Telecom Tower Foundation Solutions

Telecom Tower Foundation Repair
  • Towers are expected to last a very long time because they are such a large investment.
  • The weight of the telecom structure is immense.
  • Towers are exposed to the elements and, in particular, can be vulnerable to high winds. 

The technicians at Foundation Support Specialists recognize the challenges associated with keeping the structure of a telecom tower stable. The massive towers, without the right support, will sway and shift in the wind, potentially cracking the foundation below it and collapsing. Our team will work quickly and effectively to prevent the tower’s foundation from giving way. 

In addition to repairs, we also provide maintenance services on telecom towers. These regular inspections help spot any early warning signs that the foundation underneath is at risk. When cracks are detected early-on, the repair is less invasive and more effective, helping the tower to work properly for years to come.

Wind Turbine Foundation Repair

Wind turbines generate clean, sustainable energy to homes and businesses in our area. However, the initial investment in this green technology is fairly substantial. Keep your large investment protected by ensuring the foundation upon which these massive structures stand is solid with the help of Foundation Support Specialists.

2 Wind Turbine Full

The foundation underneath a wind turbine can present some challenges exclusive to this type of unique structure:

  • Wind turbines are large, complex structures with equally complex moving parts, expected to last their investors a long time.
  • If the moving parts of a wind tower are not functioning properly, valuable energy is not being generated and the investment is null.
  • Wind turbines are exposed to high winds, rain, direct sunlight and erosion. On top of this, they are constantly in motion, adding to the stress underneath.

The Importance of Wind Turbine Repairs & Maintenance

The experts at Foundation Support Specialists have worked for years with wind turbines and their repair. We understand the importance of a solid foundation to the turbine’s owners and investors, which is why we provide the highest quality repair services using the highest quality materials. Our team can rapidly and effectively solidify a wind turbine’s foundation, ensuring it is fully operational again. 

We also know the importance of regular maintenance in order to prepare for the elements attacking the foundation. Our team will conduct routine inspections to make sure that a small crack does not turn into a large and costly repair down the line. We are ready with the necessary tools and equipment to respond quickly to any concern with the foundation of these exceptional structures.

Experts in All Things Foundation

Our team has worked with numerous types of foundations in the past. The partnerships we have formed extend years as we work together on maintaining these commercial foundation structures by regularly inspecting each job. We are ready with the necessary tools and equipment to respond quickly to your light pole, solar panel, telecom tower, and wind turbine foundation concerns. 

Commercial operations continue to turn to FSS for our:

  • Our thorough, detailed inspections and workmanship.
  • The guarantees on service we offer.
  • Our commitment to a job well done with follow-up visits and inspections.
  • Our use of American made products.

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