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Commercial Concrete Repairs

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Repairing concrete at The Tobin Center for Performing Arts

Whatever type of business you run, chances are your building is built on a concrete slab. Whether it’s your foundation, part of your sidewalks or paved vehicle storage, you need to make sure that concrete remains in good condition for both the look and the safety of your facility.

The condition of the soil can have a serious impact on your concrete, and exposure to the elements can also cause severe damage over time. It’s easy for your smooth, uniform surface to become unlevel and riddled with cracks or potholes. This condition is dangerous, presenting hazards to employees and customers alike. Plus, nobody wants their business to look shabby and broken down, do they?

If you’re looking for a long-term and unobtrusive way to repair your business’s concrete assets, Foundation Support Specialists is the company for you. Our dedicated professionals can make your structure look brand new while smoothing over any potentially dangerous areas. Contact us today!

How Do I Know If My Concrete Needs Repair?

The obvious sign that you need professional repair is cracks in your concrete. Any time concrete starts showing cracks, it likely means there’s deeper structural damage that needs to be addressed. Different sections can also have varying heights as some sink, causing an uneven look and a dangerous walking environment. Luckily most of our repair services can be completed in hours, not days, minimizing the impact to your business.

Reliable Concrete Repair Solutions For Your Business

The commercial concrete repair services provided at FSS target the issues damaging your concrete as well as fixing the concrete itself, leaving you with lasting solutions for your business instead of just a cosmetic fix.

At FSS, we aren’t interested in just giving your concrete a superficial makeover. We want to make sure you and your business are treated the right way, the first time. Your safety and success is our business.

Concrete Lifting – Using PolyRenewal™, a polyurethane foam that can expand and harden to fill empty or damaged spaces in concrete, our concrete lifting service can give a solid, sturdy repair to any of your concrete applications.

Concrete Crack Repair – Is your concrete covered in unsightly or even hazardous cracks? Our specialists are able to drill, smooth out and seal any cracks to remove the danger, restore the look and provide moisture protection that will aid against future issues.

FSS Provides Quality Concrete Repairs

Foundation Support Specialists have over three decades of experience in correcting even the toughest commercial concrete challenges. We only use the best materials, guaranteeing strength and durability that not only reduces the chance of future repairs but even lengthens the lifespan of your structure.

Our unsurpassed customer service and reliable solutions keep our clients coming back. If you’d like to learn more about what FSS offers or schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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