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Commercial Waterproofing Solutions

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Central & South Texas’ First Choice For Interior & Exterior Waterproofing

Water might be necessary for life, but it can be very rough on a building. From mold to rot to any number of other issues, even small amounts of water can cause serious damage. The best offense is a good defense – proactively making sure your business is protected from potential water issues with professional exterior and interior waterproofing solutions. Foundation Support Specialists provides a way to keep your space water-free and protected from its potentially damaging impacts.

H20 Can Cause A 911

One of the biggest dangers of water exposure is how quiet it is. You won’t necessarily know there’s a problem until there are obvious signs, and by then it might already be extreme. Excess water can get into brick and cement work, forming small cracks that will ultimately damage the concrete’s sturdiness and integrity. Even worse, pooling water can be a gathering place for pests and also contribute to excess humidity that leads to unpleasant mildew and dangerous mold.

We employ a number of solutions to counteract the risk of excess water depending on your specific situation and needs. We will work with you to develop a plan that will keep your business dry and safe for years to come.

FSS For All Your Waterproofing Needs

Don’t let hidden water cause major damage. Get ahead of the game to make sure your commercial property is protected. The team at FSS can handle all of your interior or exterior waterproofing needs, making your business safe and secure before it’s too late.

  • External Waterproofing Services – Every time it rains, there’s a risk of water getting into your structure. Every drop of water that gets in is a potential problem down the line. Our commercial waterproofing acts as a shield that not only keeps the water out of your building but also helps to send it away from your foundation to provide even greater protection.
  • Interior Waterproofing Services – Every interior space is different, so you need a company that’s adaptable and can provide a solution that fits your needs. Whether renewed caulking, waterproof coatings or vapor barriers, we have a range of products that can minimize water damage while maximizing your visual appeal.

What Makes Foundation Support Specialists The Best Choice?

Tired of feeling like your commercial waterproofing contractor doesn’t care about your needs? Let FSS show you a different way. We prioritize our customers from the first consultation all the way to project completion, aiming to give you a rewarding and reassuring experience. We stand by the quality of our work and look to offer long-lasting results with high-quality products and professional workmanship.

Once our waterproofing solutions are installed, your business will stay high and dry without any of water’s potentially dangerous effects. Contact our experts today to schedule a free inspection!

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