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Serving South Texas

Residential Foundation Repair & Crawl Space Repair

residential foundation repairHome foundation repairs are not a DIY job. A band-aid won’t solve foundation problems such as bowing walls, foundation cracks, foundation settlement, and sloping floors. We use 100% American made galvanized steel piers as well as our Crawl Space Jack System to provide permanent solutions for residential foundation problems. We also provide structural support for new construction homes. We are familiar with the soil and conditions all over South Texas, including San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Laredo. We are proud to serve South Texas for any home foundation problem whether your location is in Austin, TX, San Antonio, TX or any other South Texas location. Rest knowing that once we do the job, it’s done right. We guarantee it for life!

We use the following home foundation repair products: Concentric & Eccentric Piers, New Construction Helical Torque Anchors, Crawl Space Jacks, Helical Piers, and Slab Repair Products


Commercial Foundation Repair & Crawl Space Repair

commercial foundation repairWe go beyond your home and provide our excellent foundation repair services for commercial businesses as well. We have a large variety of products and the expertise to truly say: No job is too big for us. Call today to see how Foundation Support Specialists can take care of your commercial foundation or concrete issues so you can keep taking care of business. Prevent tripping hazards, stabilize foundation walls, and more with our expert help at your Texas business. We offer free estimates for our commercial foundation repairs as well!  Get started today and protect the investment you have in your business.

We also use the following products for commercial foundation repair jobs as appropriate: Concentric & Eccentric Piers, New Construction Helical Torque Anchors, Crawl Space Jacks, Helical Piers, Light Pole Foundation Products, and Slab Repair Products


Waterproofing & Crawl Space Encapsulation

waterproofingWater can cause serious issues for your home or business and it can affect your quality of life and health. Whether you have a slab on grade or a pier and beam foundation, let the team at Foundation Support Specialists show you how you can protect and extend the life of your biggest investments. Keep your basement or crawl space dry and use your home or business to its fullest extent. From sump pumps to crawl space encapsulation, we have the tools and know how to keep your basement or crawl space dry and safe.

Waterproofing Products include solutions for crawl space encapsulation, interior waterproofing, and exterior waterproofing.

Exterior waterproofing products include channel drains, drywells, subsurface drainage, and surface drainage. Interior waterproofing includes crack injection, sump pumps, and sump basins.



drainageSouth Texas sees it all. We have droughts, floods, and extreme heat, all of which can affect your home and yard. South Texas weather can wreak havoc on your home and your life, but with the correct home drainage solutions in place, you can rest assured problems won’t occur. Let us show you how proper drainage around your home can prevent small issues from becoming big problems. Left untreated, drainage problems can lead to foundation cracks, seepage, and even foundation failure. Get some peace of mind with home drainage solutions from Foundation Support Specialists.


Concrete Lifting

Not all stability issues happen under your home. Just as shifting soils and erosion can cause your home’s foundation to settle and move, these same processes can affect your driveway, your sidewalk, patios and pool decks. The good news is there is a solution! Poly Pro X by FSS is the professional’s choice to raise and stabilize concrete and extend the life of your flatwork. Learn more about our uneven concrete repair services.