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Austin Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

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Austin Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Foundation problems are inevitable as all homes are prone to settling or general wear and tear over the years. Foundation damage is particularly concerning because it can wreak havoc on your home’s structural integrity and even its indoor air quality. Foundation damage only gets worse with time, so if you notice it, we urge you to act fast. Choosing to ignore foundation damage puts you in danger and creates the need for repairs that are much more expensive than they have to be.

If you have a pier and beam property in Austin, Texas, it demands specialized care to retain peak functionality. The technicians at Foundation Support Specialists have years of experience repairing and reinforcing pier and beam foundations. You can count on us to implement the right solution for your property, so contact us for a free estimate on the Austin pier and beam foundation repair you need!


Common Foundation Problem Signs in Austin, TX

Homes aren’t designed to move, however, all homes are prone to foundation settling. There are several problem signs to look for that indicate this type of movement. The most common are cracks along a property’s interior or exterior walls. Wall cracks mean one part of your property has settled differently than another and will continue to do so if the proper repair measures are not taken. Gaps between the floor and walls are another clear indicator of foundation problems, as are windows and doors that get stuck when you try to open them.

Causes of Foundation Damage

The clay soil we have in Austin is highly expansive. Expansive soils are prone to more movement than most other soil types. When the earth moves, it causes your home’s foundation to move along with it, which creates an uneven base for your foundation to rest on. Too much movement in the soil causes an uneven foundation and thus an uneven property and all the damage that comes along with it.

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Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Solutions – Austin, TX

Pier and beam foundations are a durable base for your home in Central and South Texas. However, despite their durability, they are still susceptible to damage. If your pier and beam foundation in Austin has become damaged, Foundation Support Specialists can help. We use three different methods for pier and beam repair, including sonotubes that act as new concrete piers, shoring up existing piers with new timbers, and installing crawl space support jacks to create additional support in areas that have begun to sink.

FSS is the Top Choice for Pier and Beam Foundation Repair in Austin

Pier and beam foundation damage has the potential to create serious health and safety hazards in your home. Waiting to address the problem will only cause it to get worse and subsequently cost more money. At Foundation Support Specialists, we have spent years coming up with the best methods for efficient, affordable, and durable pier and beam foundation repairs. If your home or business suffers from pier and beam foundation problems, you can count on us to fix them.

Our technicians have over 20 years of experience repairing pier and beam foundations in Austin and the surrounding Central and South Texas area. We offer free inspections and estimates, so contact us today to schedule yours!

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