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Foundation Repair and Concrete Lifting in Austin, TX

Austin receives a lower-than-average amount of rainfall every year, which means the environment is mostly dry. These dry conditions take a toll on your concrete and foundation over time.

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Award-Winning Solutions in Austin

Foundation repair requires a deep understanding of the local soil and environmental factors that can impact a home’s foundation. Texas is known for its expansive clay soils, which can experience significant swelling and shrinking due to moisture fluctuations. This soil movement often leads to foundation issues that require specialized knowledge and experience to address effectively.

In Austin, the local soil composition is diverse, ranging from limestone-based soils in the west to sandy soils in the east, posing unique challenges for foundation repair. The presence of the Edwards Aquifer and the region’s variable precipitation patterns contribute to soil moisture fluctuations, further affecting the stability of foundations and necessitating tailored solutions from experts well-versed in Austin’s soil and environmental conditions.

The Foundation Support Specialists Process

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Our professional production crew installs patented solutions in each home with care and strives to leave the area better than we found it.

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Why Homeowners Choose Foundation Support Specialists

Foundation Support Specialists (FSS), a Groundworks Company, is the trusted expert for foundation repair in Texas, as well as crawl space encapsulation and concrete services. Our team prioritizes high-quality home repair solutions and personalized service. With fully trained technicians, industry-leading products, and nationally backed warranties, FSS is your go-to choice to restore your foundation and ensure its long-lasting stability.


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Our Services for You

Helical pier during foundation repair

Austin Foundation Repair

Most homes in Austin rely on either a concrete slab foundation or a pier and beam foundation. Unfortunately, both of these foundation types are at high risk of damage due to Austin’s dry climate and clay soils. In dry conditions, which are common year-round, clay soil shrinks in size and becomes brittle to the touch. During this process, a gap opens up between the shrunken soil and your foundation – which sinks into the ground and crushes into the brittle soil. Moreover, when rain does come to the area, clay soil swells up and pushes up against your foundation. In either case, our team uses foundation repair solutions such as pier systems to keep your foundation protected.

FSS crew encapsulating crawlspace.

Austin Crawl Space Repair & Waterproofing

Even though Austin receives less rain than most places in the United States, some rainfall does occur in the summer months. As a result, humidity levels rise in the area. If your home is built on a crawl space foundation, the rising humidity puts it at risk for crawl space problem signs such as wood rot, mold, or sagging floors. FSS can prevent this damage from arising with our crawl space solutions. We use vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, crawl space support jacks, and more to keep your entire crawl space permanently protected from moisture damage. Without encapsulation, your crawl space could suffer irreversible damage.

Poly renewal injection to level exterior concrete.

Austin Concrete Lifting

As mentioned, the mostly dry environment of Austin takes a toll on structures around your property. Concrete is no exception, as dried-out clay soil will have the same devastating effects on concrete structures as it shrinks and cracks without moisture. When the rain comes, the clay soils expand and put pressure on your concrete – pushing up on it and leading to an uneven driveway or cracked sections of concrete. FSS uses PolyRenewal™, a high-quality polyurethane foam injection system that levels your concrete back into place. Plus, the polyurethane protects against dry soil and moisture, so you won’t have to worry about damaged concrete well into the future.

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As a homeowner in Texas, you’re probably wondering if exterior waterproofing is even necessary. After all, Austin and San Antonio receive below average amounts of rainfall every year. However, the wettest months in Southeast Texas are May, June, and October. When the rain does come, it causes problems in your soil, and collects in your yard. If your home is unprotected during a particularly heavy storm, it can lead to tons of problem signs and damage on your property. Its best to stay protected with exterior waterproofing, because you’ll save money and avoid repairs in the long run. 

Foundation repair is specialized task that deals with critical structural elements. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could end up causing more damage than you fix. As such, you should never try to repair your own foundation. When you hire expert technicians from FSS, you can count on a solid installation and a lasting reinforced structure for as long as you live in your home.

Your sidewalk’s cracks and unevenness are bigger problems than just visual, cosmetic ones. Rather, they are structural issues that should only be handled by a specialist. Using caulk or other methods may cover the appearance of the slabs, but does not address the root of the problems, which will only continue and worsen. The best course of action is to contact your local concrete repair experts at Foundation Support Specialists for a free inspection and estimate. 

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