Jose and Erick did a work on my back patio slab and meet and exceed my expectations on the product and the professionalism they put on this job. I totally recommend FSS!! They had a good availability for a early estimate and quoted me right away for the job! Other companies were about a month for an estimate or simple did not show up for the appointment.
Selected from several bids, not cheapest but seemed most complete and trustworthy. Work went smooth, did everything as ordered. Jose explained every step and was most helpful. I would recommend this organization to anyone needing leveling of their walkways due to land sinking and shifting.
Really great service and follow up. We thought we had foundation issues so we had them survey our house. No issues thankfully but end up having them level our sinking driveway with poly and seal between the joints. They did a great job and took the time to make sure it looked clean. Will recommend to others in our neighborhood as they are an extremely honest group to work with.
Everything about my experience with Foundation Support Specialists was outstanding, and far exceeded my expectations. We thought we needed major foundation repair, but FSS was quick to point out that we were well within structural tolerances, and a major repair was unnecessary. We did decide to have our sidewalk raised, as it had sunk unevenly over time. The process was quick and a great value. The sidewalk and seams look brand new! These guys are legit, and their customer service is impeccable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone, even if you aren't sure what's needed. They are honest and trustworthy!!!!
I'm in the process of purchasing my first home. During the inspection stage, I asked FSS to check my foundation. Brian came out and looked everything over quick and easy, painless and affordable. With all the foundation issues we have in SA he made me feel a lot more comfortable about my upcoming purchase. I'd definitely recommend these guys!
My house is on a pier and beam foundation. It was built in 1941. I have lived in it for 15 years. After a few years I noticed the floor begin to sag in areas. Then, a few months ago a beam completely collapsed under my kitchen floor. FSS was doing a foundation repair for my mother (her house is over 100 years old), so she recommended them to me. One of the owners of the company, Brian Holt, came out to assess the situation. He was very professional. He got his crew out immediately to replace the beam, but then we discovered the dire condition of the wood under the house. Prior termite damage and years of moister had rotted all the wood under my house. You could pull the wood apart with your fingers. When FSS started the foundation replacement, the lead noted the home's wood floors were built directly onto the joists. There was no subfloor. The original wood floor was rotted as well and would also have to be replaced. Brian said his crew could remove the rotted wood and put in a subfloor. I had already decided I was going to have luxury vinyl plank installed to replace the wood floor. I was uncertain about having a foundation company replace my wood floor with subfloor, but Brian spent a lot of time with me explaining what his crew would do and why they would be the best people to perform the repairs. Brian stated they would be done in two weeks and the project was completed in two weeks on the dot. Brian's crew was led by the foreman, Ignacio (Nacho) Chavira. He is such a kind, considerate man. He would check in with me at the start of the day to tell me what they were going to work on and before he left at the end of the day, Nacho would tell me what the plan for the next day was. If I had any concern, I would point it out, and it was dealt with immediately. On a side note, Brian saved me thousands of dollars. I thought I needed a French drain in my yard. Brian showed me how, with just a few inexpensive changes, I could improve my drainage. I implemented these changes and my yard drains beautifully now. You can trust this company. They were so good to my mother and to me. If you are looking for a company who cares about your home and you, you should choose FSS. I will recommend them to anyone.
It is with great pleasure to recommend Foundation Support Specialist for your foundation repair needs. The FSS Foundations Team completed a challenging job to stabilize our portable commercial building. The crews are very professional, expertise in their field, and complete the project on time. The team also takes immense pride in their work and getting the job done the first time correctly. Foundation Support Specialist will go the extra mile to make sure you have the needed service within any company's budget. The price they quote is the price you get, no changes when it comes to working orders. It is hard to find companies that still hold integrity and trust in high regard. Foundation Support Specialist, you can count on for your foundation needs. While some of the big names foundation repair companies may claim that they are the best when it comes to foundation repair, you will quickly find out that is not the case. Hire Foundation Support Specialist for expertise work. This company is truly the best! Sincerely, Constance M.
Unfortunately, our home foundation needed attention after a water main break, but fortunately, we found FSS to get the job done. From the start, Chris was...
Everything went well: on-time, Jose and Juan easy to work with, and the project ends looking very good. Thanks.
I honestly think that this is one of the best experiences that I have had with a major expense to my home. Richard is absolutely awesome!!! Josh and the crews are very professional. Possess knowledge, integrity, honesty, extremely hard-working, and dedicated to the finishing the job correctly!
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