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Kellis Chandler

September 1, 2022

I had a great experience after an ordeal with a pricey studio addition I made on my home. After 4 years the structure began to shift, slowly at first and then with our drought it got worst quickly. Doors stuck or would not close, cracks in the walls....etc. I contacted 4 foundation repair businesses and took bids from 3. Chris Maxson was my rep from FSS. On time, knowledgable, inspected quite thoroughly and took his time with the assessment. His explanation of their support system and the ongoing support if anything changes (I'm on the notorious Black Houston Clay soil in North SA), was very complete and competent. Because of his complete and confident analysis (He even helped me try to determine what had happened) I felt very comfortable with his consult and the companies proven methods. All other companies just wanted to bandaid the problem; jack it up, shim it, and walk away. The jacks they use (FSS) are quite ingenious and after installation in a bed and foot of concrete, can be adjusted for years to come. The results from their work was immediate and very well done. Chris was incredible and stayed in touch through the whole process. Their work crews, supervisors, and engineers were all competent, and communicated well. I would highly recommend this company to anyone, and Chris was great at keeping communications between all involved. Kellis Chandler

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