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What Is Interior Waterproofing and Do I Need It?

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There are few things more stress-provoking than following a mildew odor until you find out it’s coming from your crawl space. Water problems in the foundation not only compromise the integrity of the home structure but can also cause mold and mildew. Mold, mildew, and poor air quality can cause health problems for you and your family. Fortunately, interior waterproofing is an ideal and affordable way to prevent these problems.

Keep reading to find out what interior waterproofing is and the situations where you would need it.

Interior Waterproofing Methods

Interior waterproofing deals with moisture that is already in the space.

The foundation of homes is particularly susceptible to water damage, and one of the first steps to addressing foundation problems is to seal any cracks or holes in the foundation. A dehumidifier also goes a long way towards reducing moisture.

Two more serious waterproofing solutions can seal your foundation and route water away from the home.

One of these options is a sump pump, which a foundation support specialist can install in your crawl space. These pumps can automatically begin pumping the excess water out once the water reaches a certain level. Pipes allow the water to travel out of the house and into an outside drainage basin. Many sump pumps have backup batteries so that they can be used even in the event of a power outage. They are also very powerful and can remove thousands of gallons of water per hour.

Another good option for interior waterproofing is a vapor barrier. These are plastic or foil sheets that can be installed along the walls, floor, and ceiling of a crawl space to seal out moisture. If you’re considering either of these options, contact Foundation Support Specialists for a free inspection with no obligation.

When Is It Necessary?

Sometimes a house is situated badly on a sloped piece of land or even has an underground creek that produces groundwater. Here are some reasons why you may need interior waterproofing.

Confined spaces make exterior waterproofing more difficult to install. In the case of a crawlspace, this makes interior waterproofing a more attractive option.

Sometimes the moisture is caused by hydrostatic pressure rather than a foundation leak. If this is the case, you might have an underground water source that is pushing moisture up towards your house. This also requires interior waterproofing.

If the ground slopes toward your house instead of away from it, that can lead to water collecting. Cracks in the material of your house can also signal a need for interior waterproofing.

Your Source for Foundation Support

Choose a local, family-owned business when you need help with your foundation. If you think you may need a foundation repair, contact Foundation Support Specialists for a free estimate. They are highly experienced with all of the interior waterproofing methods outlined above.

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