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PolyRenewalâ„¢ vs The Alternatives

Concrete Lifting

PolyRenewalâ„¢ vs The Alternatives Learn More

Concrete Lifting Comparisons Not all concrete lifting methods and materials are created equal and even the builders of the Egyptian Pyramids had to consider how the sand would hold up all that weight after construction was completed.  Concrete has been in use since at least 3000 BC with applications for both residential and commercial projects. […]

3 Ways Your Home’s Foundation Can Be Damaged

Foundation Repair

3 Ways Your Home’s Foundation Can Be Damaged Learn More

Every person’s home should be their castle. While this often envokes a sense of grandeur, it also reflects the secure nature of what should be the most special and safe place we spend our time. Yet, at times, that sense of security can be breached by the very structure itself.  If you have found foundation cracks or […]

The Importance of Exterior Waterproofing and Why You Should Care


The Importance of Exterior Waterproofing and Why You Should Care Learn More

Summers in Austin, Texas are hot and long. But ironically June, July, and August are three of the five wetter months of the year for the state. It’s during these summer showers that you may discover drainage issues in your home and yard. Unfortunately, these issues can often lead to major foundation problems. But this doesn’t have to […]

Do You Need Foundation Repair?

Foundation Repair

Do You Need Foundation Repair? Learn More

Hey there, homeowner! We made this short quiz that asks you about common foundation damage symptoms. Keep in mind this is just a quiz on a computer and not a real inspector, but we do have real inspectors that can assess your foundation for free. How can I determine if my home needs foundation repair? […]

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