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Before Concrete Lift Pool EdgeAfter Concrete Lift Pool Edge
38 Vapor Barrier Installation
Mr. Sheridan called Foundation Support Specialists with a mold and moisture issue originating in his home’s crawl space in Austin, TX. After diagnosing the cause, our expert team installed a vapor barrier in the crawl space to mitigate the humidity that was causing damage to the home’s foundation and subfloor.
Today we’re finishing up a project for the Wenzel family! Part of the house was showing significant settlement and they previously had another company install concrete piers to lift the house. Unfortunately, concrete piers are not a long-lasting solution and the settlement continued, so we installed 24 steel piers to re-elevate their house. Our steel piers hit bedrock to ensure maximum stabilization for our customer’s home. Thank you for trusting FSS in San Antonio, TX with your home repairs and to the neighbor that recommended us!
131 Historic Buildng Foundation Repair Project
Foundation Support Specialists is proud to help restore the foundation of this historic building located in the King William district of downtown San Antonio, TX.
Today we installed 22 steel piers and completed the project ahead of schedule minimizing the disruption to Fermin’s life and family in Del Rio, TX. This is a newer home with marble tile, we took great care during our lift to ensure that the tile wasn’t damaged.
47 Installed Galvanized Steel Piers
This was a challenging job for reasons that didn’t have to do with the slab foundation. We had to remove part of a deck and work around power lines in the ground. We had to remove decorative stone and remove and preserve plants to install the piers. Once we finished installing the piers, we had to rebuild the deck, replant the plants, lay down mulch and return the decorative stones to their original positions. We lifted the slab about 1 1/2″ to flatten it out. The customer was thrilled with the results. Job well done by the FSS crew in San Antonio, TX!
99 Austin Tx Townhomes Commercial Installed Galvanized Steel Piers
FSS is proud to be installing new hot dipped galvanized piers for an engineering firm at the Barton Terrace Townhomes here in Austin, TX.

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