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What is The Best Time of Year for Foundation Repair?

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Did you know that a crack around your property is the biggest signal that you need a foundation repair? There are so many things that can damage the foundation of your home. The older your building, the more likely it is that you will need your foundation repaired. Urgency is key when you start to notice seasonal shifts in your foundation. Environmental impacts can cause huge issues with your home’s foundation. In this article, we’ll discuss how each season can reveal your home’s needs, and why you need to get your foundation repaired immediately.

Do Not DIY Your Foundation Repair

There are many around-the-house tasks that you can do yourself. Putting up shelves, installing a new door, changing your cabinet handles: these are somewhat risk-free jobs. Fixing your foundation has to be done by a professional. Your home is probably the biggest financial investment you’ll ever make. One wrong move with the foundations and everything could come crumbling down.

Repairing foundations is a big job that can take time to complete. So, when should you bring someone in to fix your foundation problems?

The correct answer is NOW! Here’s why every season is the best time to fix your home.

Summer of Soil

During the summertime, the soil around your foundation will contract. The amount of shrinkage is dependent on the bedrock your home sits atop. Summer is when your home will tell you that it needs a foundation repair. Exterior cracks, diagonal wall cracks, slanted floors, and issues with your doorframes are just some of the tell-tale signs of foundation problems.

Tis the Season of Foundation Repair 

The best season to have your foundation repaired is typically winter. In most climates, the ground is a lot colder from November to March, though this changes yearly, especially in South Texas. With fall extending into late November and mid-December, the coldest months are also the holiday season. Most people don’t want to do big construction work when they’re trying to spend time with family.

Spring Fixing

Forget cleaning, spring is when most people get their foundations repaired. You can freshen up your foundation while avoiding the scary side effects. If you live in a wet climate, spring is when any major cracks will start to leak. As moisture enters your home, you may also notice mold or the smell of damp lurking around you. Leaving your foundation problems unfixed in spring will mean huge problems by summer. The seasonal shifts in weather are a huge strain on your home.

The Best Time Is NOW

Foundation repair is not something you can put off for long. The more you wait to start the work, the more expensive it can become. Mold, mildew, rot, and worse can lead to even more foundation problems than you originally found. 

If you’ve noticed any signs of foundation problems, contact a professional as soon as you can to arrange an inspection. 

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