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Here’s What Foundation Repair Experts Look For

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It is not easy to become a foundation expert; it takes time and experience to learn the best ways to inspect foundations. Regular homeowners may not know what to look for if they are trying to figure out what’s wrong with their slab or pier and beam foundations. However, they need to identify the reasons behind foundation issues; otherwise, they will develop into worse and more costly problems. It can cost thousands of dollars to repair the damage an unsteady foundation can cause.

Keep reading below to learn more about what foundation experts look for when inspecting homes!

A Good Foundation Expert Looks Beyond the Foundation

If you call a foundation expert out to take a look at your home, they may not immediately want to see your home’s foundation. They may want to take a look around your house, taking notes of seemingly small details. Experts may want to see nearby trees or any running water nearby. This is because the environment around your foundation is one of its biggest threats. If a foundation is damaged, it’s usually because something is wrong with the area around it. By looking around the foundation, they can immediately tell if something is putting your home at risk.

Erosion and Moisture Are Signs of Big Issues

One of the things that foundation experts look for is signs of moisture around your home. This can come from two places: nearby running water or from your home itself. Something like a small crack in your pipes can cause moisture to accumulate near your foundation. As it accumulates, it can erode the ground around your foundation or even the foundation itself. If the moisture is coming from your home, it should be an easy fix. However, water from outside your house can need a more extensive repair to prevent future damage.

Cracks in Your Home Can Mean Cracks in Your Foundation

There is one thing that every homeowner fears: cracks in their house. They can be caused by many things, but one thing can cause cracks to form in the same place multiple times — foundation issues. If you patched a crack and it just reappeared weeks later, you may want to call a foundation expert like Foundation Support Specialists.

As your house’s foundation moves due to damage, the rest of your house moves with it. And since your house isn’t meant to move, it ends up essentially stretching at key points. This can lead to long-term structural damage that can even threaten your home’s structural integrity.

A Settling Foundation Can Unsettle Homeowners

Foundations tend to settle over time, especially if they are heavy ones like concrete slabs. Over time, the weight of the house and the environmental changes around it causes it to move. This is natural — the slab foundation is basically getting comfortable in new areas over time.

However, it is taking the home with it. It is taking the house to places where it is not meant to be, leading to issues in the structure. Usually, experts spot these kinds of problems by looking for cracks in the exterior or interior walls.

If there are cracks there, then there may be cracks in your foundation too.

Foundations Need to Be Fixed Immediately

Calling a foundation expert for a quick inspection of your home is just the first step towards protecting. The next step is to actually make the repairs your foundation needs. And for that, you need professionals who have years of experience and who know what they’re doing.

For that, we’re here. Just reach out to us and we will let you know if there are any issues with your foundation and how you can fix them.

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