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Hey there, homeowner! We made this short quiz that asks you about common foundation damage symptoms. Keep in mind this is just a quiz on a computer and not a real inspector, but we do have real inspectors that can assess your foundation for free.

How can I determine if my home needs foundation repair?

A few signs your home may need foundation repair are: 

  • There are cracks in your home’s walls.
  • Your windows do not open and close properly.
  • Your floors are sagging or not level anymore.

Generally, if you notice issues within your home that can be traced back to your home’s foundation, you should get your home’s foundation repaired. To get your home’s foundation repaired, call us today.

How do you know if a foundation crack is serious?

To know if a foundation crack is serious, you should look at the direction as well as the size of the crack. Cracks in your foundation that are vertical and diagonal can be quite common and are generally not a huge threat to your home’s structural integrity if they are not large. Horizontal cracks are typically the most dangerous type, especially if they are large. Regardless of the type of crack your home’s foundation has, you should always have a licensed contractor inspect and seal the crack in your home’s foundation. To get your home’s foundation repaired, contact us today.

What happens if you don’t repair your home’s foundation?

The following can happen if you don’t repair your home’s foundation

  • Your home’s foundation will begin to sink. 
  • Your home’s plumbing can become damaged. 
  • Your home may become infested with rodents or insects. 

If you do not have your home’s foundation repaired, you may also begin to have mold issues in your home. Not getting your home’s foundation repaired can lead to serious, irreparable issues within your home. To get your home’s foundation repaired, give us a call today.

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