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6 Signs Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is among the most expensive home repairs, and costs can quickly increase based on the extent of damage and the amount of materials needed for repair. However, overlooking foundation issues can cost you a lot more, so the best course of action is to catch repairs early. The thing is, foundation problems can be caused by a wide array of other issues.

For this reason, it’s a good idea for you to always be on the lookout for issues that could pose a potential danger.

To help identify these issues, we’ve compiled a list of the most common signs that you may need foundation repair. Read on to find out what you should be looking for and when to call in a foundation repair expert.

measuring cracking concrete block wall for foundation settlement

Common Foundation Symptoms Requiring Repair

1. Foundation, Wall, and Floor Cracks

cracking exterior brick

Cracks are by far the most obvious telltale sign that you may need home foundation repair. Check whether there are visible gaps on your foundation or cracks on the exterior bricks. Check whether you can find wall fissures or floor cracks, then check whether you have a broken chimney.

There are several things that could cause foundation movement, the culprit for these foundation cracks. Inclement weather or expanding and contracting soils are two of the most common. Foundation movement causes shifts that, in turn, cause gaps and cracks in the floor and walls. Now, if this is a new property, it’s expected that as it settles, the foundation will sink and develop tiny cracks in the first few years.

Small hairline fissures are quite common. However, if you notice horizontal cracks on the concrete block walls of the basement or the exterior of your property, you’re dealing with much more than a settling property.

Horizontal cracks indicate that your foundation may be under too much pressure. You need to hire a foundation expert to advise accordingly.

2. Doors That No Longer Open or Close Easily

If you have noticed that your doors are getting stuck without closing properly or are becoming hard to close completely, you may have house foundation problems. Most interior doors tend to drag or stick at the top, and the exterior doors may even seem uneven. You may have noticed that the top right side of a door is higher than the top left, making it hard to close the door.

If you have French doors, you may notice they refuse to meet in the middle. These issues affect all kinds of foundations, whether pier and beam or concrete slab. Now, there is another major reason why your doors may not close completely, and that’s humidity.

However, this issue occurs only briefly, especially after heavy rains. Case in point, if stuck doors are a consistent problem, start checking your home for foundation and wall cracks to see whether you’re actually dealing with house foundation problems. It’s advisable to call in a professional to evaluate the situation and conduct appropriate foundation repair if that’s where the problem is.

3. Foundation Sinking or Settling

cracked block wall with uneven settlement

Newly built properties sink or settle in the first two to three years, so this is a normal occurrence. However, if you start to notice that one side of your house has sunk deeper than the other, leaving you with an uneven property, you have a problem. Differential settlement, when one side of the property settles first, is caused by a difference in moisture content on each side of the house.

When it happens, it affects the rest of the structure considerably, and you may start to notice extensive cracking. Professional foundation experts may suggest lifting the foundation and installing foundation piers to avoid further structural issues. The biggest problem with this foundation issue is that the longer you overlook it, the worse it’ll get and the more expensive it’ll be to repair.

4. Foundation Upheaval

If your property was built with a slab foundation, you may have noticed it has moved upwards. This means that it’s going through upheaval, which is a major indication of foundation issues that require foundation repair. In general, even though heaving affects the perimeter of a slab foundation, it can impact the rest of your property.

Some of the things that cause this foundation issue are soil expansion or contraction, frost, plumbing leaks, or excess moisture from rain. If your property sits on clay soil, then the culprit is likely moisture because clay expands when wet. In most homes, this foundation issue is caused by plumbing leaks that cause moisture beneath the foundation.

5. Cabinets Separating From the Wall

Your cabinets and counters may have separated from the wall. Chances are you’re looking at home foundation problems that need foundation repair. Even if the gaps seem small, they should not be there unless there is a corresponding problem.

Cabinets and counters move when walls are uneven, especially when differential movement happens. It may also affect other areas of the house, but if you do notice this issue, hire professional foundation experts for a solution.

6. Uneven and Sagging Floors

uneven floor

Sagging and uneven floors are some of the most common signs of foundation issues. If you notice that your floors are sagging, dipping, or bowing, it indicates trouble. Concrete slab foundations are especially prone to this issue as they are laid directly on the ground.

Beam and pier foundations are affected differently, and the damages may not be similar to those of slab foundations. Regardless, sagging and uneven floors are not just an eyesore but can pose a danger to children, elderly people, or those who are physically impaired. These foundation issues should be addressed as soon as possible.

Trust Foundation Support Specialists to Protect Your Home

Have you noticed any of these foundation issues in your home? If so, you need to consult a professional foundation specialist to know the best course of action. Some of these issues are easy to solve, while others may be extensive.

Regardless of what signs you find, please get in touch with us, and we’ll be more than glad to help with the foundational repair. We have professional foundation experts who will find the best solution for all foundation problems.

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