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Crawl space repair with FSS.

Foundation Repair

Are Wall Cracks a Foundation Problem? Learn More

Discovering a crack in the walls of your home can be unsettling. It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that any crack is a dire sign of foundational damage. However, not all wall cracks spell trouble for your home’s structure.  This resource page will help you determine whether or not wall cracks you may be […]

Mound of soil

What Type of Foundation is Suitable for Clay Soil? Learn More

Homes in different regions have different needs. The materials used will vary based on typical temperatures, humidity, and pests in the region. Builders even consider the soil a home is built on before placing the foundation. And some soils are harder to build a good foundation for than others. Clay, for example, is a difficult soil […]

9 Pier And Beam Foundation Repair

What is The Best Time of Year for Foundation Repair? Learn More

Wondering about the best time of year to get foundation repair? Here’s your answer: as long as it’s not raining or snowing, anytime is a good time! But detecting seasonal shifts in your foundation is essential, as environmental impacts can lead to significant issues. Let’s explore how each season can unveil your home’s needs and […]

Vertical crack in interior walkway

Should I Repair My Foundation Before Remodeling? Learn More

Home remodeling is one of the most exciting parts of homeownership. It gives you the opportunity to customize your home to your exact liking. However, it’s a risk to invest in home remodeling if foundation issues haven’t been resolved at your home. Without proper repair, the remodels are likely to be damaged. This page will […]

24 Installed Galvanized Steel Piers

Is it Safe to Live in a Home With Foundation Issues? Learn More

Wondering if you should be packing your bags to move out of your house with foundation problems? Check out our article for a look at whether that’s necessary. Foundations are the lowest load-bearing part of a house, typically built below ground. It is essential to the structural integrity of your house. Foundations work to support […]

Man holding hard hat in front of concrete in need of repair.

How Expensive is Foundation Repair in San Antonio? Learn More

If your home has foundation trouble, you’re probably wondering, “How expensive is foundation repair?” Foundation problems can prove stressful and expensive. You might not know what the average cost is for these services. You may not even know who to turn to for help. Here, we’ll go over some basic information about who can fix […]

Bowing exterior brick wall

How to Recognize the Severity of Cracks in Your Home Learn More

Your home is as sound as your foundation. It can last a long time as long as the contractors who built it created a solid footing for it. So when you find a foundational crack, you should naturally feel a little panic. What does this mean? Will your home slowly begin to crumble? You begin to […]

Top 10 Most Common Foundation Problems (And What’s Causing Them) Learn More

A house is only as strong as its foundation, but foundation problems happen all the time. If you don’t catch them fast, your home could start to literally fall apart right beneath you nose (and above your head). But what problems should you look out for? What are the most common problems that homeowners can […]

Crumbling brick foundation on bottom corner

A Basic Guide to the Process of Home Foundation Repair Learn More

Have you been noticing cracks in the foundation of your home? How long has that chunk of concrete near your front doorstep been missing? One of the most stressful home repair processes homeowners experience is foundation repair. Foundation repair is a necessary process to prevent your home from settling unevenly and causing significant structural damage. […]

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