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3 Common Causes of Crawl Space Damage in Texas

wood rot on beam in crawl space

Early detection is the most effective thing you can do to prevent long-term structural damage caused by crawl space problems. Our technicians have more than 20 years of experience and want to share some of the common causes of crawl space damage so you can identify and put an end to them before they get worse.

Texas’ Common Causes of Crawl Space Damage

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1. Excessive Moisture

Too much water is a leading cause of crawl space damage. Although we don’t get a ton of rain in Texas, if the interior and exterior drainage is inadequate, there is a possibility for a buildup. When rain or water from a plumbing failure pools up around your crawl space, it often finds a way to enter. If you don’t have any drainage in your crawl space, the water gets stagnant because it has nowhere to go. The real problem is what the water causes which can be everything from harmful mold and mildew to wood rot.

Crawl Space Vent

2. Crawl Space Vents

It wasn’t very long ago that people thought crawl spaces needed vents to dry out. As a result, many houses today still have vents in their crawl space even though it is no longer the recommended practice. Crawl space vents are open access for critters, pests, and moisture to enter, all of which have the potential to cause irreversible structural damage. Don’t freak out if your home has open crawl space vents because the Foundation Support Specialists have the vent covers you need to seal them off.

floor joist

3. Over Spanned Joists

The joists that support your home are spaced out in a way so that they provide enough support to carry the weight of the rest of your home. Unfortunately, the moisture in crawl spaces tends to weaken the joists until they no longer support the same weight. If your floors sag or you have a space between the walls and the floor, your joists are likely in an overspanned state.

FSS is Here for All Your Crawl Space Needs

The state of your crawl space directly impacts the condition of your home. When your crawl space suffers, so too does the state of the structural integrity and air quality inside your home. When you know how to identify the early causes of crawl space damage, you can get ahead of the problem and stop it from becoming a much bigger and costlier issue.

At Foundation Support Specialists, we work hard to protect our clients’ crawl spaces by providing the best crawl space encapsulation and waterproofing services in San Antonio and the surrounding area. Contact us today for an inspection, and our experienced technicians will give you an estimate on the services you need to dry out your crawl space and protect your home.

Crawl Space Damage Causes FAQs

Costs vary depending on the extent of damage, crawl space size, and necessary repairs. During a no-cost inspection, a Foundation Support Specialists expert will recommend personalized solutions and provide a precise cost estimate without obligation. We also take into account your budget, offering various financing options

The timeline varies based on crawl space size, current damage extent, and specific installations. Most encapsulation projects take between one to three days to completely install moisture control, insulation, and sealing. Our teams at Foundation Support Specialists work diligently to ensure timely and comprehensive protection. Get in touch to learn more and arrange a free inspection

Immediate improvements in indoor conditions are typical post-encapsulation, with most homeowners observing lower energy bills in the following billing cycle. Contact Foundation Support Specialists now to book a complimentary crawl space inspection and no-obligation repair quote. 

Michael Wilcher

Michael Wilcher

Michael Wilcher is the Content Lead at Groundworks, helping us to answer all of our customers biggest questions about foundation repair, basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, and concrete lifting. In his free time, Michael enjoys collecting vinyl records, watching Formula 1 Racing, and reading philosophy. He holds an MPhil from the University of Cambridge.

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