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Concrete 101: How Do You Fix Deep Cracks in Concrete?

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There’s no one way to fix a crack in concrete because concrete breaks and cracks in various ways. Chips, small cracks, and large fissures are three common situations that require fixing cracks in concrete. If you are needing repairs for lifted concrete, you will likely need professional work done.

The experts at Foundation Support Specialists can fix cracks in small concrete features by lifting the uneven sections to make the surface smooth again. If the cracks are the result of the settlement of your foundation, we can offer a different repair method. To learn more about how our experts can repair your concrete, read on and then schedule your free inspection today.

How We Repair Cracks in Concrete

Cracks are more than an eyesore. Uneven surfaces can cause guests to trip or even fall. Chipped edges or large cracks that aren’t too deep can be fixed using a patching technique.

To fill in this type of damage, we use a polyurethane material. Slapping concrete over concrete could lead to an unstable situation where the repair may actually fall off.

Before our experts apply the patching material, they will prepare the surface. One of our team members will remove any loose or crumbling concrete before cleaning the surface.

Once we have prepared the surface, the polyurethane material is spread evenly across the area of damage. We push the material deeply so as to remove any air pockets.

Then, we ensure that the material dries evenly. Knowing how to seal cracks in concrete takes an expert eye.

Fixing Cracks from Sinking Concrete

Fixing cracks in concrete begins with an evaluation of the size of the crack. Knowing how to repair cracks in concrete also requires being able to identify cracks caused by sinking.

Cracks caused by sinking slabs are fixed using a specialized foam that actually lifts the concrete slabs. One of our technicians will begin by drilling small holes into the concrete. A special polyurethane foam is then injected into the hole.

Once the material is released, it begins to expand to fill in the empty cavities and hardens almost immediately. Right before your eyes, the slab will begin to raise and level out. The entire process usually takes less than two hours to complete.

After the concrete reaches its ideal height, our experienced technician will seal any visible cracks. Sealing prevents the return of moisture that could lead to sinking in the future.

Fixing Large Cracks

Before we fill a large crack, one of our technicians will need to prepare the fissure. Our technicians may create an inverted “V” shape that holds the material in place so it cannot fall out or become dislodged.

This can be done with a chisel and hammer, followed by a wire brush which is a great tool for removing debris. Once the surface is clean, we prepare the filler material and use a professional caulking gun to apply the material. After application, our experienced technician will smooth it out ensuring there are no air pockets or gaps. We finish the process by further smoothing out the sealed cracks with sand to provide texture and additional sealing. This additional step ensures that future moisture will stay out which will prevent continued soil erosion.

Advantages of Fixing Cracks

Working with a team that knows how to repair cracks in concrete can save you significant amounts of money. The use of PolyRenewal™ allows our technicians to restore your concrete quickly, safely, and in an eco-friendly manner.

The typical treatment timeline is less than an hour, and the results are waterproof.

Work With a Solid Concrete Repair Team

We tend to think of concrete structures as being nearly invulnerable. Concrete has been used for at least the past 10,000 years, and many of those structures are still standing. The reality though, is that your patio, driveway, and walk paths will eventually show signs of aging.

If you are looking for professional help with concrete repairs or bigger projects like foundation repair, work with the experts at Foundation Support Specialists.

Our local company serves San Antonio, Austin, and the surrounding areas. To schedule your repair, contact our office today. We offer FREE concrete repair estimates.

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