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4 Signs Your Home Needs Concrete Repair

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If you’re like most homeowners, your home is your biggest investment. That’s why it’s so important to take care of it. One thing you need to watch out for is concrete damage. Concrete is a tough and versatile product, but over time, it will begin to show wear and tear. You may notice your concrete surface cracking or looking uneven, worn, or shabby. This can all indicate concrete damage that should be addressed by a reputable concrete repair company.

Identifying concrete damage early can keep the problem from getting worse and save you time and money down the road. Here are 4 signs you may need concrete repair.

1. Cracks in the Concrete

cracked concrete driveway

Concrete is a strong, durable product and one of the most common surfaces used for driveways, sidewalks, patios, and more. But concrete will degrade and crack over time for a variety of reasons.

Have you noticed cracks in the concrete, you may need concrete repair services. The problem may be related to soil expanding and contracting due to changing weather conditions. Rainy days followed by hot, dry weather can lead to changes in the soil.

If your concrete surface was improperly poured initially, it will start to degrade before it should. Cracks in your concrete surface can be unsightly and affects the aesthetic appeal of your home or building as well. The good news is most of the time, these types of cracks can be repaired quickly and for an affordable price.

If you’re noticing any cracks in the concrete around your home or business, it’s important to consult a professional who can assess the damage and determine if you need concrete repair. Avoid trying to DIY this type of project and don’t hire a “Chuck in a Truck” for the job. Choose an experienced company that specializes in concrete repair.

2. Uneven Surface

sinking concrete in from of the garage

If your concrete walkways, patio, or pool deck appear uneven, it’s possible that all of the concrete around your home is giving you trouble. These issues are typically due to weather conditions and how they impact the soil under and around your home. Changing weather and shifting soils can result in sinking concrete.

It’s important to take action and contact a concrete repair company if you notice unevenness in your concrete surface. Failing to address the problem could lead to more serious damage and more expense for you in the future, not to mention the possible safety hazard it presents.

Concrete problems WILL get worse over time; it’s just a matter of when you will notice.

Don’t take that chance. If you notice your concrete becoming unlevel or sinking, schedule the concrete experts at FSS today.

3. Water Pooling

After a good rain, are there puddles of water left behind on your home’s concrete surfaces? This, too, is a sign that the soils under your concrete are eroding, allowing the concrete to sink into the ground. Damaged concrete surfaces are often uneven, and this keeps water from draining away from the surface naturally. As the water pools and sits on the surface, you may notice it tends to pool in certain areas.

Not only is water pooling on your driveway annoying, but it also takes away from your curb appeal. Water that is allowed to sit on the surface of the concrete will begin to turn it moldy and black, and eventually become permanently discolored.

When you see this happening, it’s time to have a concrete repair company take a look. They can assess the problem and let you know the options for repair and the costs involved.

4. Signs of Aging

Concrete is a strong and sturdy surface. But like anything else, it will show signs of age and wear and tear as the years go by.

If you’re noticing a combination of problems, including pooling water, potholes, cracks, and unevenness, it may point to aging concrete. Concrete that looks worn and shabby can be revitalized to look new again.

Curb appeal matters for your home or business. You want the area around your structure to look its best. Worn and tattered concrete is unappealing and can ruin the curb appeal of your home or building.

If you see the signs of aging on concrete surfaces around your home, you may need professional repair services for the job. It may be possible to lift, stabilize and seal rather than replace your existing concrete. Find out how our PolyRenewal™ compares with the alternatives

If you have an issue with the way your concrete looks, revitalizing it can make it look as good as new. Whether you’re noticing cracks, dents, discoloration, an uneven surface, or other issues, enlist the services of a reputable concrete repair company.

Hire the Best Concrete Repair Service

Your home or business is a major investment, and you want to take care of it. Your concrete surfaces may not be on your mind every day, but they’re a critical aspect of your structure and its stability.

If you notice any issues with your concrete, it may indicate bigger problems. It’s important to contact an experienced concrete repair service right away.

If you’ve been putting off addressing your concrete issues, you may be surprised by how quickly and affordably your concrete can be repaired. 

A newly stabilized concrete slab like sidewalks or a driveway can enhance the look of your home or business. It can add to the curb appeal and increase the value of your largest asset. At Foundation Support Specialists, we’re dedicated to providing quality concrete repair services to our valued customers. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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