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Residential Foundation Repair & Concrete Repair for San Antonio and the Surrounding Area

residential foundation repairThere are many signs that your home may be having serious foundation issues. Some are more obvious than others. Large floor or wall cracks are clear signs of trouble, but something as seemingly innocent as a sticking door or window can indicate much larger issues. If you are experiencing ANY of the below, call Foundation Support Specialists today whether your location is in Austin, TX, San Antonio, TX or any other South Texas location. We will be happy to come out and diagnose any house foundation issues that need to be dealt with and provide you with a free, comprehensive estimate.

If you have even one of the indicators above, no matter what type of foundation you have, you could have a very serious issue. Most foundation issues are caused due to the settling of your home’s foundation deeper into the soil over time or variations in moisture content that weaken the soil support for your foundation. But even large trees or landscaping decisions can disrupt the soil that supports your home. All of these problems are extremely common in South Texas and all can wreak havoc on the stability of your home.


The Foundation Support Specialists Solution

What do most foundation issues in South Texas have in common? They are caused by instability or degradation of the soil. Foundation Support Specialists takes soil out of the equation by using our American-made galvanized steel pier solution that connects your foundation directly to bedrock. That means the stability of your home will no longer be dependent on shifting soil conditions. Your home will be supported by bedrock that will not be moving.

Foundation Support Specialists exclusively uses Earth Contact Products American-made piers. They are simply the highest quality product available in the industry. We combine this with our years of expertise to ensure that your home is fixed once, fixed right and we guarantee it for life.

If you have a pier and beam foundation our adjustable crawl space jacks give you a long term solution. Our crawl space jacks are manufactured by the same company as our steel pier system, Earth Contact Products. You get the same high-quality products and a longer life for your pier and beam foundation.

If you suspect you may have a house foundation issue, don’t hesitate, click here for a free estimate or call us at 210-267-8828 with any questions you may have.