Repair Your Foundation Before Taking on These Other Home Improvement Projects

Since the foundation of your home is what everything else is built on top of, its condition is very important. Foundation problems can result in other problems throughout the house such as misaligned doors and windows, leaning and bowing walls, water seepage, and dampness and wetness that results in mold and mildew growth. That’s why foundation issues must be fixed before taking on other home improvement projects such as the following:

Roof repair

Foundation problems are a primary cause of roof problems. If your foundation is shifting due to settlement or changing moisture levels in the soil, the roof is going to shift along with it. If you repair the roof before fixing the foundation, the roof is only going to move again once the foundation is fixed.

Plumbing under the slab

If you’re experiencing a leak under a concrete slab, it might be a foundation issue and not just a plumbing issue. Determine what the source of the leak is before embarking on a plumbing project. Wet spots, odors, mold, and mildew can all be caused by cracks in the walls.


If you’re looking to repair sloping or uneven floors, what you really need to fix is the root cause of these issues which is a foundation that has settled or sunk unevenly. When these foundation problems occur, it’s likely that there are other problems too, such as cracks and water seepage. It’s a good idea to have the entire foundation inspected when one problem arises.


When you need a bigger space, but don’t want to move, adding an addition to your home is a popular option. That way, you can expand in place without the hassle of relocating. If you’re adding on to the existing structure, you need to make sure that the foundation it’s sitting on is sound and can withstand the addition. If the foundation needs to be expanded, the new foundation must properly align with the existing foundation.

Door and window repair

If doors are starting to stick and windows no longer open and close properly, it’s a sign of a foundation problem. The doors and windows themselves don’t necessarily need to be replaced, but the shifting foundation needs to be fixed.

Foundation problems can be the root cause of many other problems both inside and outside of the home. Attempting to fix these issues without fixing the foundation is time and money that is essentially wasted. Instead, make foundation repairs a priority in order to avoid these other problems in the first place.