Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Foundation Repair Specialist

It can be overwhelming to find out your foundation needs to be repaired and then have to find someone to do the work to repair it. Where do you start? What do you need to know? While it might seem like all repair specialists are the same, they aren’t. You want to ask the right questions to potential companies you’re considering.

What is the nature of the damage?

Any foundation repair specialist who comes to access the nature of the problem should take their time. If they seem rushed and spend only a few minutes attempting to gauge the problem, this isn’t to your benefit. You want an expert who will take the time needed to properly determine the issue and how it is best fixed and write a report. If you have additional questions about the damage, don’t hesitate to ask. They are experts in their field and should be more than happy to explain exactly what’s going on and how they’ll fix it. 

Is the company qualified?

Before hiring a foundation repair specialist, you want to make sure they have the qualifications to do so. Foundation Support Specialists, for example, has over 20 years of experience in foundation and concrete repair for both commercial and residential applications. They are a BBB Accredited Business and are Home Advisor screened and approved. Foundation Support Specialists also has testimonials from customers. These are the kinds of things you want to ask about and look for when hiring a repair expert.

Do they offer financing?

If you are facing a large and expensive repair, you might not be able to pay for it all at once. In this situation you want to make sure the company you’re dealing with offers financing. Financing is basically when you buy a service on credit. You are billed regularly for a portion of the total cost. There are different financing plans, so make sure you are aware of which the company offers, if they do offer financing.

What services do they offer?

You can find out what services the foundation repair company offers by visiting their website and talking to one of the professionals one-on-one. It’s important to know what the company you’re going to potentially hire is able to do, not just for your current repair, but for anything in the future that may come up. If you need foundation repair, you want to be confident that is one of their specialties. There might be other damage connected to the foundation damage that also needs work. Are they able to take care of that as well? Before you hire a company, make sure they can take care of all the issues at hand.

Before hiring a foundation repair specialist, you want to do a little background research and discuss things more in-depth with the professionals at the company. The questions you ask before hiring a company are important in determining if they’re the right fit for your needs. Don’t be shy about asking as many questions as make you feel comfortable. A reputable company will be more than happy to answer them.