Prevent Soil Erosion to Protect Your Foundation

Soil erosion is incredibly common, and in order to protect your foundation you need to keep this in check. It occurs when the topsoil wears away when exposed to the elements, such as wind, excessive rainfall, and deforestation. Once the topsoil is worn away, it exposes the ground underneath.

When the soil erosion occurs near your foundation, it can make the situation even worse. Without the topsoil, the soil lacks support and then expands and contracts quickly. This places heave pressure on your property’s foundation, which can ultimate cause the foundation fail completely. Here’s a look at how you can prevent soil damage in the first place:

Make Sure Your Property is Well Landscaped

Landscaping is one of the best ways to protect your foundation from soil erosion. The roots of plants will keep the soil clumped together. Gardens, plants, and grass can work to keep soil in place and will protect them from washing out with excess water. Lawns also help protect your foundation because the roots of the plants adhere to the topsoil and keep it sitting in place when exposed to natural elements, such as rainfall and wind. Because the topsoil will stay intact, it minimizes the risk of topsoil erosion, which will then protect the foundation. Just make sure that plants with large roots, such as trees, aren’t planted too close to the foundation or else that could cause other problems.

Put Up a Retaining Wall

If you feel as if you soil is in danger of eroding, you should consider installing a retaining wall. Keep in mind that this can be a dangerous process and only qualified professionals should be entrusted with this task. The wall works because it anchors the topsoil in place and helps prevent it from sliding downward. These types of walls neutralize the force of gravity and hold the soil in place. Care needs to be taken to select the right materials and also place the wall in the right spots. Otherwise, it won’t be as effective.

Install a Protective Layer

Does a section of your property pose significant challenges that might require extra attention? If retaining walls and traditional landscaping haven’t fixed the issues, it could be helpful to install a protective barrier that will offer further protection. Items such as meshes, nets, and piles could prevent the topsoil from wearing away and causing stress to the foundation. It is important to ask for professional advice before taking this approach, however, since not every property has the same issues that need to be addressed.

It’s true that you should take extra measures to prevent soil damage in order to protect your foundation from damage. Part of the challenge is that you will need to assess your terrain and determine what the specific challenges are. Problem areas, such as an area that slopes downward dramatically, should be addressed. Contact Foundation Support Specialists for more information.