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Crawl Space Moisture Barrier

Mold and debris can cause severe damage to your foundation and your health. These issues often begin in the crawl space under your home because it's hard to reach and maintain. The good news is there are ways to insulate your crawl space to help prevent moisture problems.

We Can Upgrade Your Crawl Space

The team at Foundation Support Specialists knows all about moisture problems in crawl spaces. It’s easy to forget about your crawl space, but routine maintenance prevents significant issues like water leakage and mold buildup.

Installing A Moisture Barrier

Installing a moisture barrier in your home’s crawl space is the best way to prevent serious problems for your home and health. Since air is circulated through the crawl space and into your home, a moisture barrier can improve the air quality you breathe each day. These barriers can also provide:

  • Reduced moisture in the crawl space and your home.
  • The prevention of mold buildup.
  • Lower energy use through control of moisture levels.
  • Protection for your foundation against damage.
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As dampness builds in your crawl space, it can seep into your home and cause wood rot and other structural issues. Our team will place a liner and sealant within this space to keep the area dry. We will also treat any current problems that are identified.

We Serve San Antonio

Our team is pleased to serve San Antonio, Texas, and the nearby areas with our quality services. San Antonio is one of the fastest-growing cities, with over 1,430,000 residents. With our superior services and experienced team, we confidently handle the needs of our friends and neighbors in this bustling area.


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