Common Methods Used for Commercial Foundation Repair

Commercial foundation repair is required when foundation damage has caused issues such as sloping floors, crack in the walls and in the foundation, leaning walls, and plumbing issues. When you have a business, you want to protect it by making repairs to the foundation when needed.

Concentric Piers

This type of foundation involves the installation of a concentric pier underneath the foundation wall that needs to be lifted and stabilized. The pile is driven deep into the earth, which will help prevent movement of the pier. Benefits of concentric piers include: easy installation, no maintenance, and the ability to be installed in small spaces. They offer a long-term solution for foundation repair.

Eccentric Piers

Eccentric piers are a popular choice when it comes to foundation repair. Like concentric piers, they are a type of push pier. These steel push piers can be installed from inside or outside of the structure with little to no vibration. They are installed as deep as rock or deeper depending on the load bearing needs. They are a good choice for supporting the foundation of a commercial building.

Helical Torque Anchors

Helical torque anchors or piles are designed to eliminate moving and shifting in soil that is unstable. With new construction, this is especially effective as the helical torque anchors offset the effects of soil that is still adjusting and settling. These types of piles are installed between footing forms and tie into the steel grid work. If you are building a commercial building from scratch, helical torque anchors should be your first choice.

Crawl Space Jacks

Crawl space jacks are used to support floors that are sagging above crawl spaces. Crawl space jacks will give additional support to keep the floors even and put an end to squeaking and bouncing that may have occurred due to inadequate support.

Helical Piers

To do commercial foundation repair work using helical piers, soil must be removed from where the pier will be installed. Helical piers are mechanically screwed into the soil. The weight of the building is then transferred through the helical piers into the deep soils. This lifts the commercial foundation and building back into its original position. Helical piers are a good choice for fast and effective foundation repair.

Slab Repair Product

A commercial building that is experiencing bowing or cracking will benefit from a slab repair to stabilize the foundation. Methods for this type of repair include: carbon fiber, plate anchors, and helical tiebacks. Carbon fiber supports repair bowed foundation walls and will help to repair cracks and stop them from moving. Plate anchors are an economical way to provide stabilization to walls that have been damaged by hydrostatic pressure. Helical tiebacks strengthen and straighten retaining walls of commercial buildings.

Light Pole Foundation Products

When you have a commercial building, the structures around it should be kept in good condition. This includes street lights and parking lot lights. Light pole foundation products help to support these types of structures, which can come down unexpectedly due to normal wear and tear over time.

Making repairs to your commercial foundation is important if you want to prevent complete foundation failure.