How to Maintain Your Home’s Foundation

When it comes to the maintenance of your home, you probably take care of the usual things: the landscaping, the inside of the home, and keeping the heating and air conditioning running properly. But one of the most important things you can do for your house is to maintain the foundation. Here are five ways you can protect the foundation of your home.

Make Sure There is Adequate Drainage

One of the best ways to maintain your foundation from damage is to make sure there is adequate water drainage. Without proper drainage, water has access to the foundation, which can result in cracks and leaks. Make sure the gutters are clear of debris so water can flow freely. If the downspout empties close to the house, get an extender that will carry water farther away. Landscaping should be sloped away from the house so water will fall away from the foundation of the home instead of toward it. If you live in an area that regularly receives heavy rains, you might want to consider installing french drains and footing drainage to capture more water.

Have Your Plumbing Inspected

Regular inspections of your plumbing system can help to protect your foundation. Leaks in the plumbing of your home can damage your foundation. This not only applies to the plumbing inside your home, but any sprinklers sewer lines, and other water lines around your property.

Take Care of Trees Around Your Property

Trees can be a lovely addition to your property, but they can also spell trouble for your foundation. If there are existing trees around your home, you will want to consider installing a root barrier that will keep the roots of the trees from damaging your foundation. If you want to add new trees to your property, have a professional figure out where they would best be placed. Trees consume many gallons of water each day, which can dry out the soil around the foundation. The dry condition of the soil negatively impacts the condition of your foundation causing cracks and crumbling.

Inspect for Foundation Damage

If your foundation is already damaged, you want to know sooner rather than later. Damage that goes unrepaired will only get worse and more expensive to fix. Signs of foundation damage include: cracks in walls, uneven floors, doors and windows that are not square in their frames, and moisture spots on walls. If you notice any of these signs, you’ll want to get a professional to come in to inspect and repair if needed.

Maintain Moisture Level Around Foundation

Did you know that too much moisture or too little moisture can both be unhealthy for the foundation? Maintaining a consistent level of moisture will help keep your foundation at its best. When you water your greenery around the foundation, don’t over water. If too much water sinks into the soil or is hitting the house, it will have access to the foundation.

When you own a home, it is important not to ignore the foundation. It requires regular maintenance, just like the rest of your house.