How Landscaping Affects Foundations

Landscaping doesn’t just add beauty to the exterior of your home or commercial building. Did you know that landscaping plays an important role in protecting the foundation? Here’s what you need to know about landscaping and how it can affect foundations:

Importance of Landscaping to Foundations

Landscaping around your home can act as a barrier as well as drainage for water, which will help keep excess water away from your foundation. If your home has little to no landscaping, this will give water easier access to your foundation caused by pooling. Too much moisture can damage your foundation.

Landscaping can help to keep the area around the foundation from becoming too wet or dry. Both situations can be damaging to a foundation, so balance is required. All sides of your home will benefit from landscaping. You might consider leaving the sides of your home free of any type of landscaping, but this will result in uneven watering of the soil.

The areas that receive regular watering will expand more leading to cracks in the foundation. Watering around the perimeter of the house evenly is better for the foundation, so don’t clump your landscaping all in one area such as the front of your property.

Types of Beneficial Landscaping

Mulch in your flower beds is going to act as a sponge that will benefit the soil especially during dry periods. The mulch will keep the soil from getting too dry, which will lead to the foundation becoming dry and cracking. If you’re planting trees around your home, you want them to be at least 10 feet away from the foundation, but 20 feet would be even better. Trees use a lot of water and unless watered regularly, can dry up the soil surrounding them. Also, trees that have large branches can direct more water to the roof, gutters, and foundation if too close to the house.

Don’t plant anything directly against your foundation. Leaving some breathing room between the foundation and plant life is crucial. With plants or shrubs directly against the foundation, you’ll not only water the plant life, but the foundation as well. If there isn’t enough space between the house and plants or shrubs, this can create an environment for moisture build-up, mould, and insects to thrive.

Other Landscaping Tips to Consider

You want to make sure the landscaping around your home is sloping away from the foundation. This will draw water away from the foundation and not toward it. It’s also a good idea to clean your gutters regularly so that water can run smoothly away from your home. If the water doesn’t have a clear path, it will go over the edges and pool around the foundation, which will eventually damage the foundation and cause issues inside your home as well.

Landscaping around the outside of your home will not only add to the beauty of your property, but protect the foundation as well. Protecting the foundation should be priority. The condition of your foundation affects the safety and stability of your home.